Today’s message from the “Team”

“Your species has thought and still thinks it is better than all other species on your planet, or anywhere in the universe. You have not realized that you are no different from anyone or anything else. You have the same DNA, same material components of one another and of the entire Universe; all the plants, animals and minerals. You are mistaken – dreaming – when you think you are superior and that other species do not matter; that their survival is not as vital or important as yours. You are all in this together.

…Because without the smallest of you the greatest of you cannot succeed. Imagine your body. Is there a cell in your body that should not succeed, or does every cell matter as it comprises the whole of you? Of whom you believe you are. What if you had one less chromosome? Would you still be a human? Does the smallest matter then? We say it does.

This is why everything matters, the single blade of grass to the largest animal to your kind, human. To sit by and believe that it does not matter if a single-celled organism becomes extinct is erroneous thinking. You are that organism. You have single cells within you. Yet, you cannot see the importance of the smallest or the weakest among you. In fact, you prey on the small and weak. Those who are different. Those who think differently.

You talk about, think about and judge others. It does not matter whether it’s spoken or a thought. Or, the length or depth of the time. A glance can be a judgment. You are all connected. You are all energy. That is all there is, Energy. Energy is vibration. Every thought, word, action, ripples out into the web of energy sending out a ripple in time so to speak. More about time later. So, not only the one you judged and you are affected. All that is, is affected.”


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