March 21, 2013

Messages from the “TEAM”

Last night I was awakened at 12:34 a.m., 1:23 a.m. and 3:21 a.m. after the last time I tossed and turned until at 4:11. Then I woke my husband and told him I had to get up and write. He asked me what time it was and when I told him 4:11 he told me that’s the number for information. It sure was!

I wrote from when I woke up until 5:53 a.m. twelve handwritten pages of channelled information. This group of ascended beings call themselves the “TEAM”. They said they are sharing these messages to help in the evolution of humanity…

This is just an excerpt of my first channelled conversation with the “TEAM”:

“You are not who you think you are…you are much vaster, much more powerful, omnipotent, than your human brain can fathom. If you could imagine you would have no fears. There is no reason to fear, human, as you create everything in present time. Nothing is preordained, yet there are no accidents. Sound strange? Sound contradictory? It is, yet it is not. You are powerful beyond measure. Yet you believe you are helpless like ants on an ant hill on a planet floating in mid-space. You’re believing you are small and therefore keeping yourself and your kind, your species and all other species on your planet small.”

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