I have been hearing from Lightworkers worldwide that they are experiencing challenging and often weird (even to them) things.

I have been guided to record and share this with Lightworkers. We must protect and  ground ourselves daily. We must ask for protection from our guides, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and angels daily, sometimes often throughout the day.
It is imperative for all Lightworkers to focus on the positive, focus on gratitude and love and the light. Do NOT give these negative appearances ANY energy, do NOT allow any person or experience to lower your vibration by affecting your emotions. It is imperative to stay positive no matter what. I know that is hard, it can be a real struggle but it is a must. I hope what I am sharing is helpful. Just click on the link below to listen and/or download the recording. You have my permission to share this recording. The Archangels, angels and Ascended Masters have encoded it with divine light and love.

Click here to download…

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