We all get stressed out from time to time. We all take things personally and feel upset. All of that eats away at our happiness and our health. What to do? I invite you to incorporate these 5 Easy Steps to Daily Happiness into your life.

1) Rest & Recuperate Daily:     

Take time for yourself – just 5 minutes a day, focusing on your breath and something that pleases you – your child, grandchild, a puppy or kitten, nature, whatever works for you that brings you joy.

It’s as simple as that.

You will feel yourself coming back into your body, coming home to yourself.

2) Respond vs. React:

When someone angers you, WAIT to respond. You may choose to wait several days until you have calmed down and can respond intelligently.

Do not make impulsive decisions. Take time to think things through. Good decisions take time and research. Look at all the aspects so that your decision does not result in later worry or regret.

3) Smile & Laugh Daily:

Find something that makes you laugh and smile daily. If you cannot find in your daily life, watch a comedy show either on TV or DVD.

Look for reasons to laugh and be joyful.

4) Be in a Constant State of Gratitude:

Keep a constant eye out looking for something – however small – to be grateful for.

Start your day by giving thanks, thanks that you woke up, that you have another day filled with possibilities before you!

Doing these simple things will change your life. Not only in terms of how happy you are, but also how you react to the stressors in your life; such as world events, the environment, to other people and things that normally caused you to react and stress.

5) Release and Let Go:

Release and let go of all that no longer serves you and LIVE the life you were meant to live. Forgive yourself and others. Remember not forgiving and holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Let it GO!

Be In Joy.

Be the Love that you ARE.

Be the Joy that YOU ARE.

©2015 Victorea Luminary

Victorea Luminary (f/k/a Andrea Mincsak) - Transformation Guide & Animal Whisperer specializing in assisting entrepreneurs to experience profound personal growth. She assists clients & students to enhance and transform their lives by removing the energetic blocks and negative beliefs that have caused suffering and obstructed their progress. Victorea's powerful all new program, "The Luminary Love Transformation Process" will transform the way you experience relationships and love. Learn more about her programs and private sessions at www.VictoreaLuminary.com