I watched a little news today and that was enough for me to start praying for the world.

I pray for the City of Baltimore. I pray for those who feel such pain and anger that they need to destroy their city.

Lashing out, either against one person, a group, or as we see in Baltimore, is a demonstration of great personal pain.

The root cause of deep personal pain is often not feeling love – feeling unloved and unlovable; which in turn fosters erroneous beliefs such as believing the lie that they are not good enough, not enough, worthless, and unworthy. Caused by the heartaches of being told they we are less than, of being bullied, beaten, abused and hurt; the pain of being betrayed and unwanted.

Basically, it all boils down to the deep unbearable pain of not knowing love and not feeling love – this is the deepest of all wounds and it can cause people to abuse and harm innocent people and animals, to become criminals and terrorists.

I pray for all those who do not know love, who were not loved as children. Those who forgot that they ARE love in human form.

I pray that DIVINE LOVE flood their hearts and minds. I pray that in feeling DIVINE LOVE within, they can love and accept others and embrace the differences and cherish the similarities. I pray that all human beings around the world recognize who they truly are LOVE having a human experience.

I pray for peace for all beings, everywhere, no exceptions.

I pray that all beings have enough – enough food, clothing and shelter, I pray for their safety and well-being.

I pray for PEACE, I pray for a World filled with only LOVE.

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