I wrote this piece in light of the attack on Nice, FR last night.

I Weep

I weep for the mother who learns that her only child has been killed by terrorist’s bullets. I watch as she clutches her belly, where her child grew years before. The gut retching pain so potent it knocks her to her knees.

I weep for the father who disowned his gay son, who just weeks ago was killed in the attack in Orlando. I watch as the father sobs and a flood of tears cascade down the glass and over the frame of his son’s 6th grade photo.

I weep for the sisters and brothers longing to say how much they loved them, how much they miss them. I hear them now screaming the “I love you” that was never before said aloud because they were rivals who fought tooth and nail while growing up.

I weep, for the emotionally and physically exhausted who live in war torn countries as they wait in inexorably long food ration lines, dodging bullets as they head home empty handed.

I weep for the friends far and wide who feel excruciating helplessness.

I weep for those wondering when, not if, the next attack with come.

I weep for us, the witnesses, the watchers, the record keepers.

I weep for humanity, the animals and all sentient beings.

I weep for Mother Earth.

I weep…

© Victorea Luminary 2016

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