During the summer of 2010 my friend took a class from a shaman. She was so blown away by her experience she hounded me daily until I broke down and registered.

I went with a bit of an attitude as I had already been well schooled in a number of healing modalities. What could I learn from this class that I didn’t already know? Wow. Was I ever surprised. I was not at all prepared for the personal growth I would experience.

I learned so much during the this Inca Shamanism program (nearly a year) that I have begun teaching the program. Students are just as wowed as I was…it’s simply the most amazing work I have experienced.

Let me share just a few of the highlights of the program. We begin in Class #1, and every 2-3 months start a new class. In the first class I released “what I didn’t know, I didn’t know”. All that past garbage, all the negative beliefs that I held about myself that were sabotaging me everyday of my life, that I was completely unaware of. Serpent is the archetype of  Class #1…we shed our past like a serpent sheds her skin, all at once.

One of the most powerful moments for me in the class was when a snake was brought into class. Mind you I have always been terrified of snakes. Not just afraid of them, TERRIFIED of them! I would just freeze when I see them. It didn’t have to be a live snake either, it could simply be a snake picture in a book. When the snake was brought into the class I stood as far away as possible using EFT (tapping) to reduce my fear. I didn’t take my eyes off that snake as I was sure it would lunge across the room and pounce on me! By the end of the fourth day, I was holding the snake! I learned that the terror had nothing what so ever to do with the snake. It had to do with I didn’t know I didn’t know that lived within me…all those negative core beliefs. Once I identified them and began the clearing process the snake no longer held any charge for me.

Class #2 helped me to heal my ancestral line and clear pain and wounds from other lifetimes. In this direction I was able to heal the past and the future for myself and my ancestors.

In Class #3, we journey to other lifetimes where we heal our lost soul parts. In this direction the many lifetimes that I had lived that affected me in this lifetime received healing. This healing is called a Soul Retrieval. It actually shifts the energy in this lifetime! I learned how to clear those effects once and for all!

In Class #4, we gather our gifts and learn how to co-create with the Universe. During the four days of the East class I would comment to fellow students “I need to manifest more cash”. On the day following our graduation from the program I was traveling to meet a new teacher. The friend I stayed with told me to go to a certain gas station for gas. I can get lost on a dime, so trying to find her gas station in an unfamiliar town in California I expected to get lost. I did find it and pumped the gas. The windows of the rental car were open as it was a lovely sunshine filled day. When I returned to the driver’s side of the car, I noticed a piece of paper by the gas pedal. A closer look revealed that it was a $20 Euro!! I had manifested just what I had been saying all weekend – more cash!! I also took this as a sign that I need to go to Europe!

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