Blown away is exactly how I feel right now after teaching two four-day intensive classes, one in Albany, NY and the other in Texas just one week apart!

The Albany, New York students learned to step off the triangle of suffering and take the first step on the path of empowerment. Their class was the first of the Four Directions of Inca Energy Medicine. This class is also known as the South class.

The Texas class, was the West class, the second class of the four directions. These students learned how to heal and release the patterns they inherited from their ancestors. They also released attachments that have affected them their whole lives, sometimes subtly sometimes more profoundly.

After a class practice in which a student healed something that affected her since childhood. She reflected on how she had always used the term “we” when speaking and always bought two of everything. She was basically living for two. In releasing this piece she is now free to be herself more fully than before.

These practices may sound pretty far-fetched for most folks, yet the power of shamanic healing speaks for itself.

There is so much more than we can imagine. The world is not just what we see with our human eyes. There are past lives, future lives, dimensions within dimensions. The shaman knows how to access all dimensions and make changes and shift outcomes.

The shaman also knows that everything matters. Shamans are aware of theĀ  power in everything. And how everything we think, do, say and write matters. It matters much more than we can imagine. There is a phenomenon called the Butterfly Effect which states that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan it can cause a hurricane half-way around the world. Just like the Butterfly Effect, everything each of us does, or thinks, or says, or writes, matters.

Just think about it. Everyday we make thousands of decisions, choices to go in one direction or another. One thought, one phone call, one word can make all the difference, it can cause a result that can actually change the world.

What if your grand-parents did not meet and what if your parents were not born? That would mean that you would not be reading this article. Or, would you? Would you still be born, but to different parents, into a different family, a differnt set of circumstances? All because your grand-parents did not meet. Take this one step further, what if you were not born? How would your not existing in physical form on the planet at this time in history have changed the world? No matter who you are, or what your job in life, you matter. You matter a great deal to the world as a whole and certainly to the individuals in your life. What you have done in your life to date, also matters far more than you can imagine.

Metaphor is the language of the Shaman. By viewing everything we experience as a metaphor, everything no matter what it first appears to be, becomes our ally and a useful tool for personal reflection and gaining wisdom.

I am always amazed by how easily my students learn to practice these age-old techniques and learn to access other dimensions. They travel deep in to the past to release wounds and negative energies, thereby eliciting healing in their future.

Someone recently said to me, “teaching is what you do, it’s who you are”. It’s really quite funny that as a very young girl living on a dairy farm, I would teach the calves in my fathers cattle barn what I had learned in school that day. I would also arrange my stuffed animals and dolls on chairs in a semi-circle in my room so I could give class. When she said that it really resonated with me. I am honored to share this ancient wisdom with my students. I am delighted to watch as they profoundly expand their awareness and become empowered through this work.

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