Messages from the “TEAM”

“Let’s talk about hatred” is how the TEAM began their message this morning.

“Not the hatred of others, but the hatred of yourself. Each of you has animosity toward yourself, which is reflected in your world in such ways as war, violence, anger coming toward you, and so forth.

You can only experience what you have within you. You are like magnets, like attracts like. Therefore, if you are experiencing hatred, bullying, arguments with others, criticism, you must look within and find where you do all that to yourself. You would not experience it outside of yourself if you did not have it, or do it to yourself.

Humans do not realize this. Yet, they are quick to judge others. Why? Because, they are judging themselves, and often quite harshly. They experience judgement from others because they are doing it to themselves.

They experience hatred toward them, because they innately hate themselves.

They experience prejudice because there is a part of them that is prejudice against others and themselves.

What you send out to others, you experience yourself. This is the karma your great religions have spoken of. This karma does not have to take lifetimes, it can be instantaneous.

The real question is not, “What is going on in the world?” The real question is, “What is going on within me?”

You are creating all the time with your thoughts. Therefore when you are in conflict within yourself, when you are judging yourself, when you are not loving toward yourself you will see judgment and hatred in the world outside of you.

The incidents in recent months on your planet, wars, terrorist acts, murders, and bullying, these are all created within each person who lives on your planet. Each of you, well maybe there are a small number who are not doing this, but we tell you that the majority certainly are. Each person on the planet in some way or other is hating, judging or having negative thoughts first about themselves, knowingly or unknowingly, and then these negative thoughts branch out and flood the world. That is why you see so much hatred, war, destruction, and violence in your world.

Once humans learn to resolve the conflict within individually, then they will radiate inner peace. That inner peace will ripple out to the world and come back to them as a peaceful world.

They [humans] must learn to love themselves. This comes first through forgiveness of self. They must forgive themselves every minute of the day for anything and everything they have ever done or thought of doing or not doing. Any time that a human has felt guilty, anger, judgment, regret, remorse, any negative energy emotion, they must forgive themselves for all those times, for all those situations that created those negative emotions and thought forms.

The key is to stop doing things that cause you to feel the negative emotions. To remind yourself that you are human. That you are not perfect and therefore, you are not omnipotent. You cannot possibly know how to do everything perfectly because you cannot see the outcome, the ripple, of all your actions. Forgive yourself where you are now, for what you have done, or not done in the past. This is a good start.

As you go through your day, you might tell a story to a friend of something that happened to you when you were younger. There may be a slight negative emotion about the event, a slight judgement or wishing that things were different in some way. Use that as a guidepost to forgive your self right there in that moment. Simply say quietly to yourself or out loud “I forgive myself for all of this (event) and all the judgment I have had toward myself about this.”

[Continue this forgiving self] Until you feel neutral. Until when you speak of an event or think about something that has happened or is happening now and you no longer have any negative emotions, there is nothing that causes you to catch your breath and say something negative or think something negative, or feel something negative. When you can feel neutral about any event, large or small, you will know that you are cleared on that piece. There are a lot of pieces to clear within you, keep doing this process until you feel neutral.

Then flood yourself with love & compassion. This is really the most important step. Filling in the void that you created by clearing out the negative. It is important that the void be filled in with something positive, love and compassion is that positive thing that you will use to fill it in.”

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