This morning the TEAM shared important information about honoring the Earth and protecting Earth’s resources.

“…people will awaken and realize that they have been focused on the wrong things. Rather than focusing on individual needs, they must – it is imperative – that they focus on the global good. These wars that your kind involves yourselves with are distractions. Not unlike a child with ADHD, your kind is scattered and not aware and unconcerned with the highest good of whole. You must always think of what is the best interest of the whole, rather than the best interest of the one.

Humans must wake up and must realize and work toward a global good, rather than focusing on the needs of the one or the few. Wars are not the answer, as they are simply distractions to the important issues at hand. If you run out of water and air, you will not have to worry about which country has threatened another, no one will survive without water and air.”

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