Bodacious Heart square MosaicDo you feel broken hearted over something that happened recently or in the past? Imagine and feel your broken heart on the floor in a million pieces. Imagine picking up the pieces and gluing them back together.

Look at the beautiful mosaic heart you have created. Good for you!

NOW I invite you to go one step further and imagine that new heart becoming soft and flexible like pliable rubber.

Notice and feel how much your heart can love, expand your awareness of unconditional love. Allow yourself to imagine sharing oodles and oodles of love and compassion, yet knowing and trusting that your new improved heart can never again be broken as it is so flexible and soft that it simply bends under pressure.

~Victorea Luminary

Victorea Luminary (f/k/a Andrea Mincsak) - Trauma Transformation Guide & Animal Whisperer. Specializing in transforming abuse, trauma, and adverse experiences. Transforming trauma allows you to release the blocks, struggles, and self-sabotaging behaviors/patterns that have held you back from living the life you are meant to live. Experience profound personal growth. Visit to learn more about private sessions and classes.