As you know I teach a program called “Inca Shamanism & Energy Medicine Apprenticeship”, but not many of you know how I started studying this 50,000 year old tradition. Here’s my story…

It was 2010 and I had been teaching Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Medicine and other energy work since 1995 (15 years). I also had a nice private practice seeing clients.

Over the years I had heard about Shamanism, but something scared me about it – because people had told me that in Shamanic work “you go deep” – that really scared me. I didn’t know what I might encounter within myself so I never looked into it. You see I didn’t like myself very much back then and thought there was something very wrong with me. The worst part is that I was afraid someone would find out and call me a fraud!! Many of us feel this, and during the first class I learned that we all have similar feelings, called ‘negative core beliefs’ (a.k.a. baggage). It is in the South class we uncover and begin to heal those wounded parts.

Finally, in the summer of 2010 a friend said, “You HAVE to take this class!! OMG!! It’s amazing, you will get so much out of it!!”

Her enthusiasm was so contagious, that I immediately called the teacher to learn more. I had a session and then signed up for what I thought was a single class (I didn’t realize it was a year-long program  – yet, again the Universe played a nice little joke on me to get me to do something that would really benefit me!)

I was all set and ready to go even though, I still didn’t know what I would learn, but I was okay with that. The teacher had said, “You will learn [about yourself] what you don’t know, you don’t know .”

A few weeks prior to the class when I was preparing to book my flight, I panicked. I had my very first ever, full out panic attack and called the teacher. I could barely catch my breath as I told her, “I can’t do this, OMG!! I am freaking out, I just can’t!!”

She reassured me that this was natural and most of her students felt scared because a part of them KNEW that this program was LIFE CHANGING!

So, I went and I am really glad I did!!

In that class, I made major shifts, healing so much that when I left I felt very different.

Let me share one of the many unexpected bonuses I got from the class.

My entire life I was terrified (no just scared, but absolutely without a doubt terrified) of snakes. I couldn’t even look at a picture of a snake without freaking out.

Just imagine this…I am terrified of snakes and the class is held in the home of a herpetologist. They had four Komodo dragons and a snake. I could handle the dragons as they were kind of cool, but the snake not so much.

With all the work we did in class and all the personal shifts I had, releasing old baggage, by the end of the class, I touched the snake!! I took a picture (see below) to prove it!!

That’s how much I shifted during the class. Can you imagine??

Today I am really very okay with snakes, I can see a picture, video, or even a live snake and no longer have the terror I once did.

Now I teach the Inca Medicine Wheel to students who are looking for profound personal growth and transformation. For info on classes click here.

Making friends with the serpent...

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