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If you think Hillary Clinton is best for this country watch this.

Do you think, these governments, heads of states, and corporations gave to the Clinton foundation to be nice? NO!! They gave because they want FAVORS…it’s the sellout of America as we know it.

The Clintons are great friends with Trump. Did you know that Bill Clinton called Trump and “encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party” and “analyzed Trump’s prospects and his desire to rouse the G.O.P. base.”

Think about that a minute.

Why would Bill Clinton ask Trump to run knowing that his wife, HRC, would also be running? Perhaps this election is preordained. They have a name for that; it’s called a coronation not an election.

So, Trump takes the bait and enters the campaign. He plays his role like a reality TV star. He offends many groups of Americans, as well as millions of people around the world. World leaders are opposed to Trump becoming POTUS fearing that he would ignite tensions and start more wars or worse, hit the button for nuclear war. Trump makes outrageous statements like, “I’m going to build a wall.” He encourages violence, “In the old days, you know what they would do to guys like them.” “I could kill someone and get away with it.” Media has given him millions if not billions of dollars of free air time because of his outrageousness. Why do you think that is?

Now think about this, it’s Trump versus Hillary. She’s a woman and that makes voting for her look like the better deal doesn’t it? The thing is Hillary Clinton is no ordinary female. Her 40 year political career has a higher than average percentage of serious ‘missteps’. Even though her missteps have been very serious infractions, she has the uncanny ability to find her way out of trouble every single time. Anyone else would be doing jail time. Why is that she is cleared every time? How is she so protected and who is it that protects her?

Trump has been playing his role in this charade very well. Maybe when he started he didn’t really want to become POTUS, maybe he just wanted to help his friends Bill and Hillary Clinton out. Now that he’s basking in the limelight, has he changed the games’ rules? Does he really now want to become POTUS? I am not sure.

Think about it, voter suppression, election fraud, voting machines that change votes, votes that disappear, voters that were registered, but cannot be found in the system, the list goes on and on (see links at end). If you have been watching closely you have seen it, but you would never have seen it on mainstream media because they have been behind HRC the whole way. The major media outlets are all biased, as you could see on Monday night when the Associated Press announced that Hillary had enough delegates when she did not. The best most unbiased news source is The Young Turks

The big fear that HRC and the DNC is propagating is that if we don’t vote for her, Trump will get in. It’s a setup!! No one seems to see it. It’s a big setup to get her elected. See it? We are merely pawns in the political chess game, our vote doesn’t really matter. If it did votes election fraud would have been addressed and corrected immediately.

What if this has all been preordained – a complicated scam to crown the first Queen of the United States?

There are those who argue that between HRC and Trump, she’s a better person for the job. They say she is an established politician, she knows the ropes, and that she has the right connections. That’s the problem; Hillary is The Establishment. She’s also backed by the corporations, Wall Street and the 1% who only care about their own bottom line. They are out of touch and could care less for the rest of us, the 99% who work our tails off to make ends meet.

Moreover, polls have shown that both Trump and HRC are two of the least trusted candidates ever to run for POTUS.

We have been ingrained with the idea that we must vote for the lesser of two evils because that is what the two party systems have to offer.

HRC in this case may appear to be the lesser of the two evils. But, if we vote for her we are voting for more of the same, what hasn’t worked well in the past is not going to miraculously start working well.

What we forget is that there are choices. Senator Bernie Sanders has run a great race. He has won 22 states. He has inspired millions to become involved in politics. He has shined the light on the great injustices within the political system, on wealth inequality, the immediacy of climate change, and much more.

We can choose to vote for the same old, same old – Hillary, or we could vote for a loose cannon in Trump.

Even though it appears he has lost the Democratic nomination, the movement that began with Bernie Sanders is a long way from over.

Remember our power. Compared to the 1% who has been calling the shots for way too long we are millions. They’re out numbered.

Bernie Sanders woke up a huge group of voters; voters who are tired of being the worker bees to make more money for the billionaire class. Voters who want a positive future for themselves, their children and their great-great-great-grandchildren. Voters who have awakened to the realization that the system is broken.  Voters who realize and are willing to voice the truth.

Bottom line, the United States political system needs a complete overhaul; there is no more duct tape or super glue that can fix it. Period.

What can you do now? Lobby delegates. It’s easy.

There has been corruption in this primary election process. There may likely be voting fraud in the general election as well. Visit where you can find a video on the patches used on the electronic ballot readers and find more tips on what to do about voter fraud.

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