I am absolutely numb! I feel like I have an election results hangover!! 

I don’t know what to say, but I know I need to share the emotions I have been feeling or I am going to burst. I am a highly sensitive person and can feel the negativity from other people, groups and the collective consciousness and the election results have stirred up tremendous amounts of emotions and negativity.

I was floored as I watched the election results of Tuesday night. I supported Bernie Sanders during the primaries and when it was stolen from him, I supported Jill Stein based on the issues the Green Party supports. With that said, I fully expected Hillary Clinton to win. I thought she had it all tied up. I wasn’t even going to watch the results, I never in a million years expected Donald Trump would win.

Since Tuesday, I have been worried about my LGBTQ friends, for those on Social Security, for those in need of healthcare, for women and reproductive rights, for our economy, for the environment, the list goes on. I vacillate between worrying that the world as we know was coming to an end, to maybe this will work out better than we could ever expect.

While perusing social media and the news in the past two days, I have done my best to say unattached, to not engage in any arguments or disagreements over who won and why. I have refrained from lengthy discussions about politics as I am still processing my own feelings. On my own social media pages, I have done my best to share mostly positive and encouraging messages in hopes that it might be helpful to those who read them.

People are posting that they are losing good friends over differences of opinion about politics! That’s nuts! It’s a crying shame that hearts are being broken over this! The negativity I’ve seen online – the blaming and shaming – makes me want to vomit.

Some are protesting carrying signs saying “Trump is NOT my President”. That’s fine. This is American and we still have the right to peaceful protests.

What is completely unacceptable is assaulting or bullying someone because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or how they dress.

We have millions of people in this country and everyone has their own unique set of feelings and emotions around all this.

Some are hopeful that Trump can turn this country around and make it better.

Some are scared to death of what might happen, not only to us, but to our loved ones.

Most all of us are unaware that we are experiencing grief – the 5 stages of grief being – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

Grief is cyclical not linear. Some of us get through all the stages. Some get stuck in one stage for a long time.

Here’s the bottom line.

We all need a big fat dose of LOVE and KINDNESS.

We may not control what happens in our government, but we can control ourselves.

With that said, let’s be compassionate to those who are terrified, for those who are afraid and feel threatened by what a Trump presidency may mean to them.

How would you treat a friend who was grieving the loss of their loved one, maybe their child or parent?

You would be kind and caring, right?

Let’s all be kind, caring and compassionate to everyone we meet. We do not know what another person is feeling or what they are going through in life.

My sweet friends, be kind to yourself, too.

Honor yourself by acknowledging your feelings. If you’re scared, be scared. If you’re worried, be worried. But, in the end, try to find a way that you can feel empowered. That may mean that you volunteer, or focus on helping others in some way. It may mean turn up the music as loud as you can and dance wildly around your kitchen allowing the vibration of bass and drums shake out the fear.

Ask, “What can I do today to make the world a better place for myself and others?” The answer will come. Do it.

When I began this post, I didn’t know exactly what to say, but I felt guided to address the waves of emotions I have been feeling and I know others are feeling, too.

I hope with all my heart that this has helped. If it has, please feel free to share.

Abundant blessings.


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