January 9, 2017

Dear Ones,

There is so much fear flooding your planet now. Everywhere, even in the depths of the Amazon where tribal lands were recently desecrated by those seeking profit.

Fear for the Earth, for clean water, for clean air, for health, not even healthcare, just health.

There are so many people who are walking around with negativity in their auric fields. Eventually, if they do not find peace that fear will eat them alive. It may manifest as illness, maybe cancer, or it may cause them to act out of character resulting in harming themselves, or others.

Fear is a powerful force on your planet. The ONLY antidote is LOVE.

Love is what heals. It is a salve, a soothing balm, that when applied to fear shrinks it, shrivels it into nothingness.

People heal with LOVE. The problem is most people are not in touch with their own feelings. They operate like remote-controlled toys. They are not in their bodies. They are outside playing with the controller.

You have all been given bodies – inhabit your body. Stop trying to escape the human experience.

When you’re fully present in your body, yes, you will feel pain, but just as easily you can feel pleasure.

When you are 100% present in the moment you will feel true peace.

Try it sometime. Take in a moment, take in a sunset sitting by the ocean, a river, or stream. Feel the moment. Let go of ALL distractions. That is being present. You have gone from pain – whatever was on your mind stressing you out to the max – to PRESENT-NESS. To being in the moment – present, aware of all your senses. You feel the air on your skin, you hear the water lapping against the shore, you smell the salty air, you take a breath, exhale a long sigh. That’s when you’re there. In the present. In the only moment that matters – the NOW. Be there! There is nowhere else. Nowhere to be. Nothing to do. Do this daily, even if you only imagine it in your mind in your living room. But do it!

Take a mini vacation from fear. That is how you can free yourself from the control others have over you.

How you become sovereign.

How you become strong.

How you Take Back Your Power. You have it, you know – Power. You just do not recognize it because you haven’t been in tune or in-touch with it for years, some of you forever.

Now is the time to break free and reduce and eliminate the control, the power that fear has had over you.

You are all, each of and every one of you, are capable of doing this. The question is, “Will you?” You will, if you want to experience what you came here to Earth to experience – life in a human form.

Joy, peace, love, happiness, challenges are all part of it – of the human experience. The trick is not to get stuck in the challenges part, or the fear part, or the pain part.

The important lesson for you, all of you, is to STAY IN LOVE not matter what. That means, LOVING YOURSELF no matter what happens.

What we see you doing is fearing the outcome, when it happens – whatever ‘it’ is that you fear happening, you turn on yourselves like angry wolves. You stop loving yourself. You blame yourself. You say to yourself, ”I should have done this differently…” “You stupid putz…” “If only…”

You beat yourself up. Stop! Stop now!

You need to LOVE yourself UP!! Not beat yourself up.

LOVE is your way through. If a little child was learning something for the first time and they made a mistake, you would gently correct them. Right? You wouldn’t beat them up because they are just learning. Right?

Think of yourself as that small child learning something for the first time, have patience with yourself. The more you do, and the more you LOVE yourself unconditionally – love yourself no matter what; the less grip fear will have on you.

We love you,

Your Angels

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