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Here is a question from one of my Facebook followers, Kenyatta C. Jones.

“I saw your post on Google and thought that your affirmations were VERY insightful and inspirational.  Thank you! for them.  I was going to ask you a question about manifestation, and why I’m able to do this on a smaller scale, versus the things on a MUCH LARGER SCALE.

When attempting to manifest larger things, why is it harder to do than the seemingly smaller things. For example, I’ve done affirmations, and passers-by, complete and total strangers will place folded money in my hand. Or while at eating my server will point to a couple who just bought my lunch LOL. But our family needs a financial increase, a much BIGGER home, (minor) repair done on the one vehicle own, and another car. Now, I’ve found a home that suits all our needs and a vehicle that does the same, but it seems to be taking FOREVER. Now, I understand the reasons behind manifesting negative things at a fast rate… but why if I can manifest things at a small rate, aren’t I able to do the same with the larger things? After all, isn’t it all the same?”

Shaman Victorea Luminary

“Kenyatta, Good question!! As with everything there is no one answer. First, many people can manifest small things versus larger things because they may believe that it’s harder to manifest large, or more important, or more expensive things such as a car or a house. Second, it has been my experience that when something has not worked out as I (my personality and ego) wanted there was always a reason – most of the time I later realized that I was being protected – maybe the thing I wanted wasn’t good enough or would not over time satisfy me in the way I initially thought it would. Or, perhaps there was something better for me and I had to wait (I hate waiting!) for that better thing to manifest (that’s if I didn’t jump at the first thing that came along!!). Another thing I would add when asking is, “God this, or better. Thank you! Amen!” I hope that helps.

P.S. The other day I saw a video on a really neat lady, an advice columnist for Elle. I thought, “I would love to write an advice column like she does!” Then you asked a question. This could be a start! See how that works?!!”


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