The other day I was contemplating the Coronavirus and COVID-19. How could I not as it is in the news and every social media feed?  We


know the virus quickly spreads and aggressively attacks the lungs. As an energy practitioner, I know that there are many techniques that can help the body be healthy; so, I began to massage points the lung meridian points on my body. As I did, I saw a vision as though I were looking at Earth from eagle eyes.

I saw a correlation between the Coronavirus COVID-19, humans and Mother Earth. We, humanity, have attacked Mother Earth and diminished her ability to breathe for the last 100 years or more. Amazon has long been referred to as, “Earth’s lungs”. As recently as last year, we witnessed the intentional burning and clear-cutting of the Amazon forest to make room for beef production.  From a spiritual perspective disrespect of Mother Earth, our Mother, may have energetically contributed to this pandemic.

What if this virus is in some way teaching humanity how Mother Earth has felt with her body being paved with concrete and asphalt for roads, her body ripped apart from mining, and violated through fracking? What about the destruction of fragile bio-systems through the pollution of the oceans, rivers, and lakes and air? Scientists agree that humans have contributed to climate change. See NASA’s article “The Causes of Climate Change”

What if this virus is humanity’s karma for harming our Mother?

And if so, what can we, as individuals, do today to start making amends and ask Mother Earth for forgiveness?

Here are a few ideas —some practical, others more spiritual that we can employ:

  1. Recycle/Choose Packaging Wisely. While recycling is great, perhaps it is even better is not to buy products that come in packaging that needs recycling to eliminate unnecessary waste products
  2. Pray for Mother Earth and all species. Ask for forgiveness, and guidance for our next steps.
  3. Envision a healthy, loving, planet. Use your creative mind to imagine a world that is renewing daily. The shutdowns across the globe have already yielded positive ecological benefits such as dolphins returning to the canals in Italy, waterways becoming less polluted and air quality improving. Just today, I saw an article that the Los Angeles skies are clearer than they have been in years.
  4. Visualize earth as the Garden of Eden. We were given this garden at the dawn of mankind. See humanity coming together to sustain Mother Earth’s renewal.
  5. Ask your guardian angels to protect and guide you and all humanity. Ask the spiritual beings – including angels, archangels, ascended masters to guide humanity’s next steps.

Most important, do not underestimate your power, your ability to positively affect the entire planet and all beings through your sincere prayers, through invoking your guides, guardians, and angels, and by envisioning the highest and best outcome for the

earth and all beings.

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