The world is experiencing a major Pacha (epic change). There is so much happening at once – the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic,  #GeorgeFloyd’s death, the #BlackLivesMatter protests and so much more. As an empath, also known as a high-level sensitive I feel the energies are heavy right now. Do you? And, they also feel somewhat scary because of the unknown.

The angels asked me to remind you that there are things that you can do for yourself.

First, know You are not alone. You are surrounded by angels and there are people who care about you and love you.

Clear your chakras. You can do this in the shower or light a candle and throw the negative energy into the candle. Then fill your chakras with divine love divine light and divine wisdom.

Use the Violet Flame of St. Germain to transmute negative energies.

And then fill your body mind and spirit with golden-white light of God creator source as well as the golden pink light of unconditional love.

Ask Archangel Michael to place four angels around your bed and around your home as you sleep.

Ask your guardian angel to protect you.

We live in a free-will zone, and the angels cannot help you if you do not ask.

Praying for all – all humans and all beings in, on, and around the planet.

Focus on love, peace, compassion, gratitude, and envision the New World that you desire to live in. Visualize daily. See and feel and know that it is possible for the highest and greatest good of the earth and all the animals and people – visualize without doubts all beings living in harmony.

Aho. Amen.

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