Mask as a metaphor. Most of my life I have seen hidden meaning – signs, symbols, metaphor – in both common and uncommon things, in events, clothing fads, as well as in personal experience, etc. My awareness of these symbols has expanded in the past 25 or so years while working with others as an energy healer and more so in the past 10 years as a shamanic practitioner.

This past week, I could not help but notice that the masks we wear to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic could have greater meaning than just protecting others from the virus. I see these masks as much more than that.

I see the mask as a metaphor, a teacher of sorts, showing us that the mask has more than one purpose. Yes, we can use it to protect others and ourselves from the virus. We can also use it symbolically – to be silent and listen. Notice how silent and listen use the same letters and how these words can be guides for us – for humanity as a whole.

In listening, we can gain understanding. Through understanding, we can gain empathy. Through empathy, we can unite and together rise up.

In closing, I will share a poem that came through this morning:



Make me better

And help me

See with

Knowledge, Understanding, and Empathy


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