No doubt about it, we are living in scary, unstable, challenging times.

The global consciousness is a steaming smelly stew of fear, discomfort, pain, suffering, as well as hope, and visions for the future.

The question is, where do we choose to focus our attention and intentions moment to moment? Will we allow ourselves to be dragged down by the 24/7 fearful news reports or social media divisive discussions?

Or, will we rise up and overcome as our ancestors did as they faced similar challenges?

When I feel weak or fearful about current events, I think about my own ancestors who overcame great challenges – oppressive regimes, world wars, the Great Depression, as well as personal challenges. My ancestors not unlike many of your ancestors came to the United States from other countries, oceans away. They dreamed of a new life in a far-off land. One they could not research via Google, or familiarize themselves about through friends far-away on social media. They dreamed of new opportunities and held those visions, trusting they could and would make it. They believed that once they arrived, they would find work, make a new life, raise their families without fearing for their lives as they had in the “old country”.

Today not unlike our ancestors we find ourselves on the precipice of great and awe-inspiring change. Epic upheaval the likes we have not seen in this country in a long time. The shamans I trained with from Peru call it a pachacuti – a great turning over, a reset.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left no one untouched, climate change threatens the existence of all life on earth, societal and political division, income inequality, injustices, racisms, etc., are all upon us at once.

We are One. Therefore, what affects one of us, affects all of us. Each of these issues individually is serious enough, together they create a perfect storm.

We must address all of these in our new pachacuti. The systems that have been in place for ions are no longer working and have not worked for all the people, and all life on earth, for a very long time. Greed has overtaken some human’s ability to consider the greater good.

All of this combined can feel overwhelming. However, we are not being asked to do anything more challenging or more difficult than our own ancestors did.

Due to past trauma, many of us may feel overwhelmed with emotions and adversity causing us to freeze and feel helpless or powerless. I certainly feel that way at times.

Fear lowers my energetic vibration and reduces my immune system. In order to help myself and my community, I must rise up to the higher vibrations of joy, peace, harmony, love, hope.

Sometimes I think I have to do this all by myself and the load feels heavy.  But then I remember I am not alone, there is always help and hope, both in the physical as well as in the spiritual realms.

This is why the commitment to spiritual practices and prayer is so important and powerful.

Shamans not only pray to Great Spirit; they also call upon the ancestors and the spirits to assist them in the present. They know that the ancestors hold great wisdom and can and do guide us if we ask them for help.

We live in a “free-will zone” so we must as for help from God, our Angels, the Ancestors, or anyone we want to access. It bears repeating, we must ask.

You have the ability to tap into the power, fortitude, grit, determination, and vision of your own ancestors. Your ancestors love you; they are your people. They share your DNA, and you have a direct connection with them, in fact, they are the reason you are here. They walked this earth before you and have much wisdom to share. That is why the shamans call upon the ancestors for guidance.

How to Tap into Ancestral Strength:

Open sacred space – call on your guides, guardians, angels, God.

Then, call forth your ancestors, those strong, formidable souls who crossed oceans on the faith in finding a new life in a new world. Remember, they did not have anything to go on, just faith – they didn’t have the resources we do today with the internet or technology. Yet, they stepped forward in faith and made it happen. You are proof of that!! You are walking talking proof of their faith and determination, of their formidable will.

As you would ask your angel’s or God for help, ask your ancestors what to do. What is the best next thing to do is for you, both in your personal life, as well as about the things that concern you – such as the environmental crisis (climate change), for your family, your community, your country, the world.

Pray. Ask for help. Ask for guidance. Ask for what you need. Do this daily. Add connecting to your ancestors through ancestral altars – an altar or place of reverence for your ancestors where you can place their pictures along with flowers or a candle to honor them. Notice the signs that may come from the ancestors. Give gratitude.

I hear many people saying they can’t wait to return to the way life was before the pandemic.

I’m not sure that will or can happen. Remember God created us with eyes in front of heads not behind our heads because we are always moving forward not backward.

We are being given a great opportunity, as the shamans say, to dream our world into being. To clear out all that has not worked and to create what will work for all of us – for the greater good. We must collectively and individually hold the vision of the future we want for our children, grandchildren, and 7 generations to come.  One day too we will be the ancestors.

What do you want for your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren? Peace on Earth? Enough for All? Health and well-being for All? A healthy planet to inhabit? Dream BIG! Dream their world into being.

My great-grandfather, grandmother and children
Victorea Luminary is a Shaman-Writer-Teacher. Her life’s purpose is to heal the world, one person, at a time. She is a compassionate and intuitive healer/guide helping those who have experienced unspeakable trauma to heal and experience profound personal growth. Personal healing ripples out in positive ways, and it is in healing ourselves we can heal the world. If desired here are my online links: Website: Facebook: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Tumblr: