I tell my clients – “On a Soul level you are more amazing, more powerful, and vaster than you can imagine.” They may be experiencing huge challenges, physically (health), emotionally, or spiritually. I stress, “There is nothing wrong with you. You are just waking up to your Soul’s purpose. You are right on track. You are being invited by your Soul to shed the story, shed the past and the old patterns. This is your opportunity to move forward in ways you cannot yet imagine. You are POWERFUL. You hold the ability to heal yourself through SELF-LOVE. I am merely your guide. I am in awe of you and feel blessed and honored to work with you.”

They are often surprised to hear this. When they first come to me, they do not think of themselves as powerful, vast beings of light connected to God and the Universe. They feel bent, bruised, and perhaps even broken. Yet, that is the illusion that helps them to begin the process of opening to their true radiance and divine gifts.

So, when a client comes to me, I remind them of who they really are. How only a most powerful being would accept the soul lessons that the challenges they are experiencing bring. Great challenges provide us the opportunity to take giant leaps in our Soul’s evolution. Regardless of where you are now, I assure you that you are up to the task of releasing the illusion and stepping into the FULL EXPRESSION OF YOU.

Some of my clients, may at the time we meet, be experiencing life-threatening illnesses and challenges that would crumble the best of us. They may be depressed and overwhelmed by life.

They usually have tried every conventional route to get help. Finally, they come to me, often as a last resort.

What they get with me, is someone who cares, someone who listens without judgment, and who lends a helping hand to empower them on their healing path.

When they leave, they have fresh hope, and they feel better, physically, and emotionally.

They have taken the first steps on the road to recovery.

Healing Unspeakable Trauma and Assisting you in Growing Your Self-Love

I’ll say it again, you are a powerful being, powerful beyond measure, yet for a variety of reasons, you may not feel it.

In working with clients I have found trauma to be the root cause of many issues.

The trauma I experienced as a child of an alcoholic, motivated me to search for answers, to find healing. I have devoted my life to healing, both myself and others, for more than 25 years I have stocked my “toolbox” with wisdom from all over the world. Studying and teaching  Quantum Mechanics/Metaphysics, Natural Healing Methods, and the wisdom of the Inca Shamans, to assist folks, just like you, to safely delve deep to access the wisdom within and help you to transform the wounds. I have helped hundreds of clients and students, to return to homeostasis to heal the body and mind naturally.

Have you experienced unspeakable trauma, perhaps way back in your childhood or through a situation in your adult life? Maybe because of an illness, or an adverse event such as an alcoholic or chronically ill parent, or some other type of conflict in your home. Maybe you did not feel safe or loved while growing up. Trauma comes in a variety of ways. My original trauma came from the unpredictability of my alcoholic mother’s anger and rages. Trauma can leave us emotionally wounded. Most of us suppress the deep pain of these wounds, but later in life, the pain often resurfaces in inappropriate ways at inappropriate times – maybe these wounds are now affecting or have affected your past relationships, your job, or your finances. Deep trauma may be the saboteur of your hopes, dreams, and desires.

If you are reading this, you are searching for answers, a way out of the pain, a way to heal. To succeed, to overcome the past traumas and move forward in life feeling confident, powerful, and competent. If so, you are in the right place!

By uniquely integrating my broad knowledge base, I am able to assist clients and students in achieving freedom from negative beliefs and emotions and achieve their heart’s desires.

I work with human and animal clients. Tapping into the Quantum Field we access ultimate divine guidance – the highest and best possibilities and outcomes for you or your pet.

Together we co-create/dream your best possible world into being!

Emotional Freedom Technique:

I worked with a woman who felt overwhelming guilt for 12 years over her mother’s death from cancer. We began the session using intuitive healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique. She sobbed as she talked about her mother. She believed that she not only had disappointed her mother but in some way hurried her mother’s death along with her suggestions regarding treatment options. We worked together and in just 20 minutes, she had significantly reduced the level of guilt and grief she previously felt. The shift was palpable as she was able to smile as she remembered her mother. She left the session feeling much happier and lighter when she thought about her mother than she had in 12 years!

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SESSIONS:  You are not impossibly hopelessly broken, but still you may feel pain, trauma, anxiety, and discomfort. I offer powerful, individualized sessions to help remove the negative beliefs that block you from achieving wellness and happiness. I will help you discover your gifts so that you can move forward quickly. The result? You will feel happier, lighter, freer, and more powerful to overcome difficulties than ever before.

These classes incorporate working with the angels, Emotional Freedom Technique, Eden Energy Medicine, Option Method, Usui, and Karuna Reiki and ancient wisdom of the Inca elders, Inca Energy Medicine. Students transform their lives and how they feel about themselves by releasing (gently) the negative blocks programmed by their past and live profoundly changed lives.

Sessions are powerful, yet gentle and fun. The results are long-lasting. Energy is not limited by distance, therefore we can work either in person, or over the phone, or via Skype. The results you experience are equally effective regardless of how we connect.

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What students are saying…

“Victorea’s classes are a unique opportunity to be seen. She creates a safe container for the work and the results are immediate and long-lasting. I will be joining subsequent classes and wholeheartedly recommend working with Victorea!”  Hilary, online student 


After years of searching for the right teacher and the right class I found it! The highlight of the class for me was tracking as an eagle.  To soar as an eagle is awesome! Since the class my confidence has grown.  I feel I am headed in the right direction and have the tools I need to journey anywhere.

~ Cathy Steed, LMT, Yoga Teacher, Eddy, TX


“Victorea’s wise and compassionate approach to life is a joy shared with those who know her. Having completed my Reiki training with Victorea, I know her to be a naturally intuitive, gifted, professional healer and teacher possessing a dynamic commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of her clients and students.

With a luminous, informative style, Victorea has authored several articles, blogs regularly and is a perceptive and gracious guest for radio and television interviews. It is a pleasure to recommend Victorea to you – your life will be enriched for welcoming her into yours.”

~Mary O’Brien, Coordinator of Student Assistants, Processing, Exhibits & Programs, Library Assistant at College of Saint Rose

Victorea Luminary – Transformation Guide & Animal Whisperer