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Link to 9/18/2022 Angel Message with Victorea Luminary:

Angel Reading Angelic Healing Sessions make Great Gifts!

Angel Reading and Angelic Healing sessions are perfect for those who need clarity and guidance. Concerned about the next steps to take? Ask your Angels.

Need assistance in clearing negative energies? Ask your Angels.

Want to manifest something you desire? Ask your Angels.

I have over 30 years of experience helping clients through Intuitive and Angel Readings.

Your Angels want to help you with your daily trials and tribulations.

The thing is, we live in a ‘free will zone’ which means that they cannot help unless you ask.

During an Angel Reading, I will say a prayer to open sacred space calling upon my Guides and Angels as well as yours. Once we are connected they will begin sharing their guidance with you. Are you ready?


A client recently sent me this email just a day after his latest Angel Reading/Healing (other reviews can be found on my “Testimonials Page”):

“You may remember that, during the angel card reading you gave me, the angels encouraged me to do more writing. Well, good call! Here’s an astrologer who recommends that very thing for all Gemini’s this year. Yes, you are excellent with angel card readings. They seem to come very naturally to you. Keep it up! Happy New Year! Lou Siron”

“My magical Angels Blessings is what I’ll call my reading. Feeling love and connected to my little Mary, and with it comes inner peace, dancing brings happiness. My messages from my Angels and Victorea were for my authentic true highest love self. Thank you Victorea” ~ Mary Figueroa, Shaman-Life Coach-Massage Therapist

“I love readings by Victorea Luminary. She’s read for me several times and always beautifully done and confirming.”  ~Kelly Walthall Lamastus

During an Angel Reading/Healing the angels told my client she needed citrine. They also told her she needed to add more color to her wardrobe – she’s been defaulting to wearing mainly black.

The next day I received a text: “After our conversation last night, I was watering my house plants and processing all the angels said. I was tending to a plant when I looked up and found a citrine crystal sitting near some of my sacred possessions. It wasn’t there before!!”

Then the next day she sent this picture and text: “…the angels at work again. I had all black on and pulled these socks (rainbow stripes) out the drawer!!”

Angel Sessions

Questions? I’m here to help. Contact me.


Payment is due in order to schedule your session. Due to our lengthy waiting list, we need to make sure everyone has an opportunity for a session with Victorea. Thank you for your understanding.

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is needed to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Please be aware that if you cancel within 24 hours, or do not call at your scheduled time, you will be charged for your session.

We are sure we don’t need to say this, but here goes anyway …
Intuitive Angel Oracle Readings is not an exact science!
We strongly recommend that you do not take too seriously or literally interpretations you may receive during an Intuitive Angel Oracle Reading, nor base critical life decisions on the readings you receive here.
Please use your common sense and own judgement, the readings are meant to reflect your own thought processes and projections rather than create them.
In our opinion, Intuitive Angel Oracle Readings do not absolutely predict events or give absolute advice as to what actions you should take or decisions you should make regarding your current life circumstances.

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