Victorea Luminary
Victorea Luminary
(f/k/a Andrea Mincsak)

Shamanic Sessions:The main techniques I use in my healing practice come from the rich traditions of the mountain, coastal, and jungle shamans of Peru.


This is the general term referring to the process by which we release heavy energy associated with a specific emotional issue or trauma, and replace it with pure high-vibration energy. This is the foundation of my healing work and the framework within which the other techniques are used.

Soul Retrieval
This powerful technique is common to many shamanic traditions. The shaman journeys into the underworld—the realm of the unconscious. The aim is to retrieve a lost Soul Piece, along with a Power Animal and a Gift. The soul piece is a part of you that has been rendered inaccessible as a result of trauma. When a soul piece is retrieved and nurtured, it brings about greater wholeness and healing. It carries with it the possibility for cultivating new strengths and talents, which now become available to you.

Energy Extractions
Great relief and healing can occur when negative or heavy energy is removed. This energy can be crystallized in a particular area of the body or can be fluid and move around. Crystallized energies are usually connected to traumatic events and emotions. These usually come from external sources. Fluid energies are often spiritual entities such as departed loved ones that are connected to us in a harmful or inhibiting way. These entities are gently extracted using a crystal.

Cord Cutting
Certain Energetic Cords that connect you to others may be harmful. The resulting energy depletion may be felt as emotional or physical distress. When these cords are severed, you gain access to your full life force— often for the first time in your life. In addition, the work will ensure that the tendency to form such unhealthy connections is “cauterized”. This becomes a source of newfound power and transformation.

The way of the shaman is the way of Munay—or Love—which transcends the personal and is all-encompassing. Shamanism is a way of interacting with the world of Spirit through direct perception. For the shaman, everything is sacred and imbued with spirit: the Earth is a loving, nurturing mother; the sun, a benevolent father whose warmth makes life possible; and plants and animals are powerful allies. By interacting with the energy of things he seeks to bring himself and those he assists into harmony with life. At one time, just about every culture on Earth employed shamanic practices in some form.

As a healer, the shaman employs traditional techniques to restore energetic balance. Working directly on the energetic level, his interventions get to the root of troubling issues. By shifting energy he opens up a pathway to profound changes in your life. Each case is unique—the emphasis is on your personal experience, personal growth, and personal healing.

In the role of teacher/life coach/way-shower, the shaman guides one toward leading a more balanced life. Think of your life as if it were a great epic story.

  • Do you like the direction it’s going in?
  • Did it go off track somewhere?

Together with the shaman, you can learn to change the course of your story or even write a new one.

Great Rites: The shaman is also a giver of rites and energetic transmissions. These Great Rites facilitate the spiritual evolution that we, as a species, are in the process of undergoing. The way of the shaman is an ongoing journey of recovering our sacred relationship with nature. We are inseparable from the natural world. When we are in right relationship with nature, we are in right relationship with ourselves, exactly as we are meant to be. This is the deepest form of healing.
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