Victorea with Don Francisco and Dona Juana, Q’ero Elders



Students have said this program is “POWERFUL – TRANSFORMATIONAL – LIFE CHANGING”

These students have reported that they now feel happier and more fulfilled after taking this program.

What you can expect…

  • LIFE begins to UNFOLD with EASE & GRACE!!
  • IMPROVED RELATIONSHIPS – all types of relationships – from personal love relationships to business partnerships and co-worker relationships.
  • IMPROVED WELL-BEING – physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • RELEASE OF PAST HURTS AND TRAUMAS – by letting go of old beliefs and past baggage (that you are unaware of, but that has been negatively affecting your life).
  • INCREASED SELF-LOVE – recognize and release self-judgments and self-doubt. Learn to love and fully accept yourself.
  • TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! Stop playing the victim…start owning your power and start feeling like a victor.
  • PEACE & FREEDOM – from self-judgment and self-sabotage.

Listen here as students tell how they experienced breakthroughs through this program! LISTEN TO REPLAY NOW

We all have baggage and from time to time we all get stuck.

  • Get out of your rut, I’ll teach you how to clear it and feel better all the time!
  • Stop being pulled into other people’s craziness and drama.
  • You know there is more to life than this…I can show you how to manifest that life you desire!
  • I can show you the way out of struggle and strife?

Leave the Baggage Behind and Experience Life the Fullest!!

How Spirit brought me into Shamanism:

It was 2010 and I had been practicing and teaching Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Medicine, Option Method, and other energy work since 1995 (15 years).

Over the years I had heard about Shamanism, but something scared me about it – because people had told me that in Shamanic work “you go deep” – that really scared me. I didn’t know what I might encounter within myself so I never looked into it. You see I didn’t like myself very much back then and thought there was something very wrong with me. The worst part is that I was afraid someone would find out and call me a fraud!! Many of us feel this, and during the first class I learned that we all have similar feelings, called ‘negative core beliefs’ (a.k.a. baggage). It is in this first class we uncover and begin to heal those wounded parts.

Finally, in the summer of 2010 a friend said, “You HAVE to take this class!! OMG!! It’s amazing, you will get so much out of it!!”

Her enthusiasm was so contagious, that I immediately called the teacher to learn more. I had a session and then signed up for what I thought was a single class (I didn’t realize it was a year-long program of Inca Shamanism – yet, again the Universe played a trick just to lure me toward something that would greatly benefit me! I just love that!)

I was all set and ready to go even though, I still didn’t know what I would learn, but I was okay with that. The teacher had said, “You will learn [about yourself] what you don’t know, you don’t know .”

A few weeks prior to the class when I was preparing to book my flight, I panicked and had my very first ever, full-out panic attack and called the teacher. I could barely catch my breath as I told her, “I can’t do this, OMG!! I am freaking out, I just can’t!!”

She reassured me that this was natural and most of her students felt scared because a part of them KNEW that this program was LIFE CHANGING!

So, I went and I am really glad I did!!

In that class, I made major shifts, healing so much that when I left I felt very different.

Let me share one of the many unexpected bonuses I got from the class.

My entire life I have been terrified (not just scared, but absolutely without a doubt terrified) of snakes. I couldn’t even look at a picture of a snake without freaking out.

Just imagine this…I am terrified of snakes and the class is held in the home of a herpetologist. They owned four Komodo dragons and a snake named Maya. I could handle the dragons as they were kind of cool, but the snake, not so much.

With all the work we did in class and all the personal shifts I had releasing old baggage, by the end of the class I touched the snake!! I took a picture (see below) to prove it!!

That’s how much I shifted during the class. Can you imagine??

Today I am okay with snakes, I can see a picture, video, or even a live snake and no longer experience the terror I once did.

Making friends with the serpent...

(Photo: 2010 on the last day of my first class)

This POWERFUL – TRANSFORMATIONAL – LIFE CHANGING program offers you more than you can get elsewhere.

You won’t want to miss your chance to take advantage of  this opportunity now.

Register for this program only if you want to:

  •  Blast through the blocks that are holding you back
  •  Experience your magnificence
  •  Be free of the same old story and patterns 
  •  Find and/or activate your gifts
  •  Learn powerful self-help techniques 
  •  Develop a personal spiritual practice
  •  Experience a personal growth program
  •  Experience Inner Peace

Get Unstuck!!!

Classes start quarterly.


What makes my program so UNIQUE and POWERFUL?

CLASSES: Small and intimate. Which means you get personalized attention. 

SUPPORT: Check-in conference calls every other week between Class #1 and #3. That’s 6 months of every other week check-in calls with me!! A value of $2000!

I invite you to listen to the call and HEAR the students SHARE about their experiences!

BONUS #1: Students who have registered for the first class

“Healing Your Story – Releasing Sabotage Behaviors”

receive a 30 minute pre-class consultation. That’s a $62.50 value.

BONUS #2:  Earn $$ toward your program. Bring a friend who registers for class and receive $80.00 toward your CLASS TUITION!!

BONUS #3: RECEIVE the opportunity to purchase two (2) – 1 hour sessions with me for 25% off the usual fee. Must be purchased prior to Class #2)

EXPERIENCE REAL & LASTING TRANSFORMATION: Techniques that will change you life for the BETTER!!

COMMUNITY: This program bonds you with other amazing students who will have your back and help you evolve!!

COMPASSIONATE & CARING INSTRUCTION: Don’t take my word for it, hear the students share their experiences.

I want to make it EASY for you attend this program.

Because I know how it changed my life and the lives of my students. I KNOW it will change yours too!

Do you have questions?? If so, just call me.

Contact me personally for this special offer. Call me at 254.931.5441 or email

How do you know this program is for you?

It is! If you are a powerful, purposeful person who wants to live FULL OUT.

It is! If you want to master your life, live from your heart, and develop your intuition.

It is! If you want to discover the beauty and healing powers of energy medicine in the Inca tradition and tap into your natural state of Ease & Grace.

It is! If you want to take quantum leaps into the life you only dreamed possible.

It is! If you want to discover and let go of the subconscious programming sabotaging you and keeping you stuck. How many times have you been in similar situations but with different people? Isn’t it time to release the patterns that come up again and again and cause havoc in your life?

It is! If you want to learn why you have struggled AND how to move into a magical place, where your dreams really do come true! Release old patterns and enjoy the freedom to live the life you desire! Powerful Inca Shaman healing techniques will help you find your power and dream your world into being.

Experience the gentle but profound shifts that will enhance your life.

Change from the inside out so that you can be happier and more successful than you ever dreamed possible. No longer will you struggle, or experience the drama and turmoil of old.

Experience improvement in all areas of your life including finances, relationships, and your health and well-being!

This program is perfect for Massage Therapists, Energy Practitioners, Chiropractors, Nurses, Physicians, anyone working in the healing arts, or those who sense there is more to tap into their lives.

Begin the JOURNEY OF DISCOVERING THE “YOU”; you’ve always sensed you could be.


Do you have questions? If so, please call me at 254.931.5441.

Four Directions:

Class #1 – “Healing Your Story – Releasing Sabotage Behaviors”

This program starts quarterly. The remaining classes (Classes 2-4) are scheduled by consensus of the students in Class #1.

When: Thursday – Sunday, September 20-23, 2018

Registration Deadline: September 10, 2018

Early Bird Discount Save $100 if you register by: August 20, 2018

Have questions? If so, please email me.

Time: 9 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. each day

Class #2 – “Freedom from Ancestral Curses”

Class #3 – “Healing Past Lives & Claiming New Possibilities”

Class #4 – “Embody your Magnificence: Creating Your World with Ease and Grace”



Included in “Healing Your Story – Releasing Sabotage Behaviors” (Class #1) investment:

**30 consultation with me prior to Class #1 a $62.50 value.
**every other week telephone conference calls to
where you will learn more a $2000.00 value.

Referral Program:

Earn $$$ toward your program by referring your friends. For every person YOU REFER who registers for

“Healing Your Story – Releasing Sabotage Behaviors” (Class #1)

you receive will $100 towards future classes!! Refer enough people and you could earn a class for FREE!! If you refer 7 people you earn $700, that’s nearly the whole class fee!!

And there is MORE!!

128 hours of in-class experiential intensive training

Support during your journey through the four classes is vital because of the depths and intensity of the transformation.

Coaching Calls: Between Class #1 through Class #2 you receive bi-weekly coaching calls. Class #3 & #4 receive monthly coaching call (value $2000)

30 minute pre-class consultation prior to Class #1 (value $62.50)

**Opportunity purchase up to two (2) one (1) hour sessions at 25% off. Must be purchased before Class #2 to receive discount.**

This is a very special support component that is an integral part of my Inca Shamanism & Energy Medicine Apprenticeship program and is not given in most other programs.

What would life transformation be worth to you?

Just the classes elsewhere would cost nearly $11,000.

Why take my program? Support, Connection, Wisdom!

My program is valued at only $1997 per direction.

Register now and Save 60%!!

For a limited time, I am teaching the entire year-long program, all four classes of – Inca Shamanism & Energy Medicine Apprenticeship – for only $2987. That’s a HUGE SAVINGS!!

By purchasing the entire program at once you get all four classes for only $2987

If you choose to pay by the class, you pay only $797 each class. Payable prior to class. That’s still a huge savings.

Or if you like we can arrange a payment plan to make it easy for you to attend. 10 easy payments of $327

Scroll down to learn more about my Radical Money Back Guarantee…

Click on the button below to make your one time payment of only $2987 (save over $3000)


Click on the button below to purchase one direction at a time for only $797 (save $700)



Perhaps you listened to one or both of my teleconferences this month. (if not scroll down and click on the link)

If so, you heard my students RAVE about their RESULTS in Class #1 of my Inca Shamanism & Energy Medicine Apprenticeship – “Healing Your Story & Sabotage Patterns”

This program is so powerful it changes people’s lives for the better. Yet not everyone is ready for changes of this magnitude, they would rather stay where they are and play it safe. That is absolutely fine.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

As I said on the calls, the students who work with me are courageous, powerful, purposeful people who are ready for transformation. I only attract those students who are ready and enthusiastic.

If you are ready, really really ready for real change, and you know deep in your heart that it’s time to breakthrough and experience radical freedom, then this may be the right program for you.

Perhaps, there is a part of you that is convinced this is the right program for you.

Why? Because it just feels right and makes sense.

And…because you heard the students speak and you want the change and support offered in this program.

Perhaps even though you are ready, really really ready you still have one hesitation…the investment. I totally get that. You have never experienced anything like this before. I understand.

In addition to all the other bonuses I have offered, I am going to make a really radical and wild offer – a money back guarantee.

Yes, I know it is crazy. In all my years of teaching, I have never before made such an offer.

Why am I doing this? Because I know the value of this work and want to share it with as many people as possible.

Because, I love watching students transform in the four days of class.

I love seeing them have those AHA moments.

I love seeing them become FREE of all their old patterns and get unstuck once and for all!!

Here’s how this radical offer works.

1. Make your commitment – register for Class #1 – “Healing Your Story & Sabotage Patterns” 

2. Attend and fully participate in all four days of the Class #1 – “Healing Your Story & Sabotage Patterns”

3. “Play Full Out”, meaning you fully participate in all the class work and homework.

If after fully participating in all the class work and homework, and attending all four days; you feel you have not experienced a shift, I will refund the full tuition paid for Class #1.

Call me with any questions you may have, my cell is 254.931.5441. 

I know this is a really radical offer. I have NEVER offered anything like it before and may never offer anything like it again!

Note: This money back offer is only valid for the Class #1.