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Clients rave about their results!!

I am honored and humbled to receive rave reviews from clients who achieved results from our work together.

Google review by N. N.
“Victorea is a master at holding compassionate caring space for anyone in her presence. Skilled at deep listening she witnesses you and invites you to let her guide you toward healing. Both strong and gentle she is trustworthy and full of authentic love. Highly recommend Victorea’s services!”

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“Victorea has been a lifesaver. I contacted her when I was in a very
low place and in need of some real help. Her compassion, insight, and
guidance created a safe space for me to explore my feelings freely. I
was able to manage my emotions and release what had been holding me
back for years.  While I am still working on “my stuff”, I know I can
count on Victorea  to be there for me.” Heidi, New York

“Victorea’s classes are a unique opportunity to be seen. She creates a safe container for the work and the results are immediate and long-lasting. I will be joining subsequent classes and wholeheartedly recommend working with Victorea!”  ~Hilary, California

“Thank you, Victorea Luminary for the magnificent work we did together yesterday.” Edie Weinstein wrote this beautiful blog “Cutting the Umbilical Cord” as a testimonial to her session.

Inner Child and Angel Reading/Healing Session:

“My magical Angels Blessings is what I’ll call my reading. Feeling love and connected to my little Mary, and with it comes inner peace, dancing brings happiness. My messages from my Angels and Victorea were for my authentic true highest love self. Thank you Victorea” ~ Mary Figueroa, Shaman-Life Coach-Massage Therapist

“I love Angel readings by Victorea Luminary. She’s read for me several times and always beautifully done and confirming.”  ~Kelly Walthall Lamastus

Another happy customer for Angel Reading/Healings

“You may remember that, during the angel card reading you gave me, the angels encouraged me to do more writing. Well, good call! Here’s an astrologer who recommends that very thing for all Gemini’s this year.

Yes, you are excellent with angel card readings. They seem to come very naturally for you. Keep it up!

Happy New Year!
Lou Siron”

During an Angel Reading/Healing the angels told my client she needed citrine. They also told her she needed to add more color to her wardrobe – she’s been defaulting to wearing mainly black.

The next day I received a text: “After our conversation last night, I was watering my house plants and processing all the angels said. I was tending to a plant when I looked up and found a citrine crystal sitting near some of my sacred possessions. It wasn’t there before!!”
Then the next day she sent this picture and text: “…the angels at work again. I had all black on and pulled these socks (rainbow stripes) out the drawer!!”

“Victorea is committed to helping people heal and grow. She patiently and encouragingly guides her clients through healing exercises, drawing upon her wisdom, intuition, and the rich traditions of sages and spiritual leaders. Victorea is a trusted and reliable guide and a compassionate listener.” ~Kate Jackett,  Anti-Defamation League

“After more than a week of tending to a seriously ill, year old Chihuahua puppy with a chemical ingestion, I was at my wits end. Molly nu nu Noodle was improving but the new onset of voice loss today had me a worried mess. I knew I was tending to her medical needs via the vet as best as I could but how was SHE doing? I’m sure she has been sad and miserable; it just really got to me that I didn’t know.

And then Victorea popped into my head. Here I was pacing and stressing and ignoring a valuable resource. Victorea responded immediately and after having a chat with Molly, she put me at ease and gave me clear advice on what to do and what was going on. Molly seemed thrilled with the contact as well- yay for the tail wags and the face licks and the peaceful sleep she is finally taking as I write this.

Victorea has a gift that is unique and spot on in its delivery. Let her talk to your animals. She’s amazing.

Thank you again for helping us today.” ~Joy Parrish, Coldwater , MI

“Today was a really huge growth day for me. I received an energy session from my dear friend and Shaman, Victorea Luminary and some wonderful healing insight came forth.

Going forward I will have a much deeper respect for my own empathic nature and the blessings and challenges that come with it.” ~Iajahnni-Matthew Von, Bowling Green, KY

“Victorea’s wise and compassionate approach to life is a joy shared with those who know her. Having completed my Reiki training with Victorea, I know her to be a naturally intuitive, gifted, professional healer and teacher possessing a dynamic commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of her clients and students.

With a luminous, informative style, Victorea has authored several articles, blogs regularly and is a perceptive and gracious guest for radio and television interviews.

It is a pleasure to recommend Victorea to you – your life will be enriched for welcoming her into yours.” ~Mary O’Brien, RM, IARP, Retired (2015) Coordinator of Student Assistants, Processing, Exhibits & Programs, The College of Saint Rose

“I originally went to Victorea for Reiki. She was wonderful, and I continued with her for many years until her move out of state. I’ve also worked with Victorea in other areas of self-improvement such as Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping). Victorea is professional, experienced, and results oriented. I strongly recommend her. She is highly knowledgeable in several areas of Reiki, self-empowerment, and self-help. She is a caring and personable individual. I trust Victorea implicitly.”  Linda MacFarlane, Executive Director at Community Loan Fund

“Victorea Luminary not only gives you the tools necessary for a more fulfilling and healthier life, but she teaches you how to use them and make them part of your everyday existence. She is the change you have been looking for.” Wauneata Waller, Secretary Board of Directors at Bolton Landing Chamber of Commerce

“As a coach myself, I have had the privilege of working with the best in the business. And I’m here to tell you that Victorea is absolutely right up there with the best of them. The process she used helped me blast through some of my personal barriers to success and made a profound difference in my life and work.” ~ Gerri Ratigan, Organizer Capital District Single Professionals 50+

“I had a phone consultation with Victorea and she used her Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – tapping) procedure and I found it a beneficial aid in overcoming blockages and stress.
I felt so much better just after an hour session!” ~ Carol Karp, Independent Consumer Services Professional

“Starting in 2003 and over the years I have been lucky to experience the healing work of Victorea. During session I feel a light wash over me coming from Victorea and her divine connection. I absolutely recommend Victorea and her life-changing work.” ~Tenicia (T.) Trask, Corporate Fitness Trainer | Private Fitness Training | Fitness Classes | Pilates Trainer

“Victorea and I have been friends for years. I also have the pleasure of being one of her clients. Victorea has the unique ability to pinpoint any blockage in the flow of energy and help to determine what can be my next move in my personal search for connection with the divine. She also helps with recommendations for helping my business move forward.” ~Angela Collier MS, LPC, Counselor at Heart of Texas Region MHMR

“Victorea brings a wealth of tools to her coaching as well as a true caring personality. She is firm enough in her feedback to be an effective sounding board when someone is facing life/career questions and crossroads. She is dedicated to helping people realize their potential.” ~Cheryl Lasher, President at Guilderland Chamber of Commerce

“Victorea is a gifted healer. She not only is very intuitive, but provides practical suggestions. Her background includes many modalities and she will combine them to benefit her clients for their highest good. She is also a very kind, fun and knowledgeable teacher and trainer for people who want to learn more about energy healing.” ~Annette Magee, CPG | Foodservice | Brand, New Product, Marketing Manager

“Victorea is great. Very focused on your individual needs.” ~Dr. Robert Irwin, Chiropractor at Sports & Spinal Wellness Center