cropped-image-2-e1467291684488.jpegOften we have issues with other people or situations. One way to remedy the situation without ever saying a word to the person is by writing a “Release Letter”. A release letter is a great way to bring harmony and healing to the situation. I have used this method for many years and each time it has basically worked miracles.

I remember once many years ago having a disagreement with my father about an issue we were both very passionate about but were on opposite sides. I went home and wrote the release letter following the instructions I share with you below. The next day when I went back to see my father, and it was like we never disagreed the night before. Our conversation was delightful – it felt to both of us that a real healing had occurred. In fact, my father mentioned he was surprised at how well our visit went that day.

Instructions on how to write a release letter:

First, write all the negative, get it all out – feel free to embellish here – include everything and feel it as you write it. Give yourself permission to write what is inside of you, go ahead and write the nastiest swear words you know, write, write, write, and get it all out. Go for it. This is for your eyes only, so get it all out.

Second, write the positive, again – feel free to embellish here – not everyone is perfect, but you can overstate the positive as you had the negative. Include everything you can think of and be sure to get into the feelings as you write it.

By writing out the combination of positive and negative you are letting go of all the thoughts you have on the subject. There is always some good and some room for improvement, be sure to write it down.

When you feel you have written everything – excluding nothing you are ready to finish the letter.

Write the person’s full name, followed by the following statement.

“John Doe, I release you in love to your highest and greatest good, I forgive you and I forgive myself.”

It is important to write this entire sentence including the individual’s name, three (3x) times.

Then write your closing, you may choose to use “With Love” or “Sincerely” before signing your full name.

Lastly, read your letter out loud once. Then rip it up and burn it. Flush the ashes asking God to transform, transmute and heal this situation.