Plant-Based Fruits by Evita Ochel

Plant-Based (Vegetarian) Eating Day #23

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Plant-Based (Vegetarian) Eating – Day #23 It’s amazing to me how much different I feel eating plant-based. First off, I have no cravings. Zero. Nada. None. I have organized this post first about the food and then about the physical improvements I have noticed since going plant-based. So, you might be asking, “What are you […]


Prayer Clears Curse

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When I pray I call forth my team of Archangels and Ascended Masters. Of course, I always call on God/Creator/Source/Spirit and my personal guides, guardians, and angels. I use this prayer every day, morning and night and whenever I feel I need help. I use it when I work with clients, or do Intuitive Angel […]

We must heal

#Charlottesville: Heal the Wounds that Create Hate

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In light of the Charlottesville, VA and all the other places that have witnessed violence, we must heal the wounds that create hate. The terrorism we worried about is here on U.S. soil. But the terrorists have not infiltrated our country, the terrorists are us. The terrorists are our neighbors and friends, not some suicide […]

Love is the Only Antidote to Fear

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January 9, 2017 Dear Ones, There is so much fear flooding your planet now. Everywhere, even in the depths of the Amazon where tribal lands were recently desecrated by those seeking profit. Fear for the Earth, for clean water, for clean air, for health, not even healthcare, just health. There are so many people who […]

Chronic Lyme Disease Update #6

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It is January 2017, I had hoped I was done with sharing any updates or adding to this Chronic Lyme Disease series, but here goes… My joints started aching when the weather turned colder this past fall (October 2016). Back in June, 2016 my Lyme Literate Medical Doctor said the Chronic Lyme Disease was in […]

Energy Work Positively Impacts Lyme Disease

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Energy Work Positively Impacts Lyme Disease – #5 of my “Lyme Disease Bites  – A Personal Journey” Blog Series As the Lyme bacteria died and flooded my system I felt increasingly worse. As I mentioned in one of my earlier Lyme blog posts, Herxheimer Reaction (Lyme die-off) can be fatal. There were days when I […]

Lyme Disease Bites – Remission from Chronic Lyme!!!

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Tears flowed as I heard my Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) say, “You’re Chronic Lyme Disease is in remission.” That was just a few days ago. For eight months I followed his protocols taking the antibiotics and microbial homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins and mineral supplements he prescribed. I also did a lot for myself in […]

Lyme Disease Bites – A Personal Journey #2

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                        Lyme wrecked havoc with my body and mind. My body was riddled with shooting pains and inflammation. I stopped exercising and walking the dog down my private country lane because I was afraid my knees would give out. I stopped practicing yoga because […]

“Lyme Disease Bites – A Personal Journey” Part 1

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Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Lyme disease would knock me to my knees. I am seasoned healer and I have already healed several serious illnesses including a breast lump and uterine fibroids. So, when I was diagnosed with Lyme in October, 2015 I passed it off thinking, “No big deal, it is […]

If Experience is Neutral Why Do You Feel So Bad?

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You are here on Earth at this time for many reasons, one of which is to accumulate experiences. What if out of all of your experiences to date there have been no mistakes? What if all of your experiences are neutral and maybe, just maybe, it is your judgment of these experiences that creates the […]