Prayer Clears Curse

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When I pray I call forth my team of Archangels and Ascended Masters. Of course, I always call on God/Creator/Source/Spirit and my personal guides, guardians, and angels. I use this prayer every day, morning and night and whenever I feel I need help. I use it when I work with clients, or do Intuitive Angel […]

TEAM message – Without Water and Air No One Will Survive

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This morning the TEAM shared important information about honoring the Earth and protecting Earth’s resources. “…people will awaken and realize that they have been focused on the wrong things. Rather than focusing on individual needs, they must – it is imperative – that they focus on the global good. These wars that your kind involves […]

Let’s Talk About Hatred – The TEAM

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“Let’s talk about hatred” is how the TEAM began their message this morning. “Not the hatred of others, but the hatred of yourself. Each of you has animosity toward yourself, which is reflected in your world in such ways as war, violence, anger coming toward you, and so forth. You can only experience what you […]

Message from the “TEAM”

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Today’s message from the “Team” “Your species has thought and still thinks it is better than all other species on your planet, or anywhere in the universe. You have not realized that you are no different from anyone or anything else. You have the same DNA, same material components of one another and of the […]