EFT Tapping Points

Tapping for Coronavirus

Hello Friends, Coronavirus COVID-19 may be bringing up all sorts of emotions. That’s why I created this FREE video. In […]

Angels Retreat & Renewal Tuesdays with Victorea

Angels Retreat & Renewal Tuesdays with Victorea – A Workshop for Our Time Join us for an enlightening, supportive, lively […]

Shaman Victorea Luminary

Saying “Yes” to Spirit Showing Up in the Physical World

This week I realized that when I am truly in need, my “Team” as I call the Angels, Guardians, Guides, […]

2019 Choices

As the New Year begins, instead of resolutions, I commit to personal choices. Let me share a few… I choose […]

Stop Discounting Your Pain

  Stop Discounting Your Pain Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s recent testimony detailing the sexual assault she experienced when she was […]


Unspeakable Trauma and #MigrantChildren Separated from Their Parents

It’s time for me to speak out and share a personal story about how childhood trauma has negatively impacted my […]

We must heal

My Simple and Humble Contribution to Humanity

As an empath (high-level sensitive) it feels like these are some of the darkest times humanity has witnessed. People are […]