In the past several years I have met people who have changed their names. I was so surprised by this, yet when they told me, a flood of delight coursed through my veins. I wondered if I could change my name.

In my usual style I asked tons of questions such as, why they chose to change their name, how they did it, when they did it? How easy was it? Did it cause chaos in their life, considering all the legal documents they might have?

Their answers surprised me, changing their name was not a difficult process at all. Actually it was freeing. They were given a name at birth, yet it didn’t feel right to them years later, so they changed it.

A spark ignited within me and I began researching the name change process. I asked my attorney what to do and was told it was a simple process. I knew that I would do this, but not until I found the perfect name for me.

I embarked on the tedious journey of trying to match the numerology with a name that “felt” right and “sounded” right to my ears. That process has taken more than one year. Obviously not an impetuous decision!

What I found most interesting were friend’s reactions my considering a name change. One day about a year ago I announced on Facebook that I was considering a name change and asked for their opinions, I received mixed reactions. Many of my friends were beside themselves and several whom I rarely hear from called me and chastised me for even considering the idea. What was it bringing up for them? A loss of identity? A fear that if I changed my name that it somehow would affect them? Could it be that their ego was afraid of the change; because often our ego believes change is certain death?

Time ticked on and the feeling that I needed to do this never left me. In fact, it became more intense, almost an obsession. I stopped talking about it with the ones who were adamantly opposed to it, yet I continued on my search for the perfect name for me.

Once I finally found the first name, a name I have loved forever, Victorea. The last name just showed up out of the ethers. After a year of exploration there it was right in front of me!

Victorea Luminary. Pronounced Lum-in-AR-e. Almost Italian sounding.

I feel different when I use this name. I thrill when someone remembers to use it. Something inside of me jumps for joy!

Of course, there are those, like my husband who will always use my birth name. He married an Andrea and doesn’t want to change the name he uses for me. That’s fine. There are those I probably will not even mention the name change to as it would just be too much information for the casual level of our relationship. However, I enjoy the new name and the freedom I feel for having come into a place where I have identified myself. Where I have shed the image of who others have thought I am, and have taken on who I believe myself to be becoming. Victorea Luminary.

“lu•mi•nar•y””” (lm-nr)
n. pl. lu•mi•nar•ies
1. An object, such as a celestial body, that gives light.
2. A person who is an inspiration to others.
3. A person who has achieved eminence in a specific field.

The definition I most resonate with is the second: “A person who is an inspiration to others.”

It is my intention that the work I do with others is just that, inspiring. Even though I am energy worker and people often experience profound shifts and healing, I believe that what I really do is hold the space for them to experience their perfection. All healing is self-healing, I am a person who inspires them on their journey to well-being and holds the space for them to see who they truly are.

So, with that said, the name Victorea Luminary feels very right to me these days and into the future.

Just call me whatever you like, but please don’t call me late for dinner!

Victorea Luminary (Andrea E. Mincsak) is a survivor of both overt and covert narcissistic abuse. She has 25+ years’ experience in the healing arts - Angel Intuitive, Shaman of the Inca/Peruvian lineage, Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Medicine, and EFT/tapping. She uses her experience and training to assist women to develop or increase their self-love, transform the trauma of childhood and/or narcissistic abuse. You can work with Victorea to develop a foundation for positive relationships through self-honoring, healthy boundaries, and self-respect at Website: Facebook: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Tumblr:

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