Walking into a building and suddenly the hairs stand up on your neck and a chill runs up your spine. Although you cannot see or hear anything, you know something is off. Even though you are unable to put your finger on exactly what is wrong, you know deep in your gut, that something is terribly wrong.

Out of the blue someone you know starts to act in ways that are completely out of character. S/he is normally very mild-mannered and now all of sudden is anxious, agitated or even aggressive. They may be swearing when they never did before. They may distance themselves and appear depressed. Attempts to help are often met with anger or rage.

These are just a few of the many of the clues that someone or something is being influenced by dark energies.

Dark energy is a general term that can used to describe anything from a spirit attachment to an entity. Entities come in all shapes and sizes and can possess animals and humans. They can inhabit material items such as jewelry and personal items, buildings and even open spaces. They are known to cause depression, physical pain, negatively influence an individual or animal to act in ways that they normally would not.

In my work, as a Shaman and Energy Practitioner, I clear property, people, and animals of dark energies.

Here are a few examples of how we often become aware of dark energies.

Negative Energy in Buildings:

Years ago, I was a passenger in a car with a friend driving who worked for Department of Corrections in New York State. We were nearby a maximum security prison and he wanted to show it to me. As we approached I could see bright lights illuminating the yard around the prison. It was just about dusk and as we drove closer the building loomed before us and I could ‘feel’ negative energy pouring out of it. Immediately, the hairs on body stood up on end and I became extremely anxious.

“Get me out of here, please.” I was absolutely overcome with terror and panic. As a high-level sensitive, just the massive prison flooded me with negative feelings such as anger, hostility and rage. These negative energies just poured out of the building and grounds. We turned around and headed away, and the further away we drove, the more I relaxed I became.

I had subtly sensed the emotions of the people housed within the facility over the time it was in use as a prison.

Negative energies can be felt basically anywhere, but especially in places where people congregate and in that place have felt very strong emotions. Such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, businesses, and homes.

Dark Energies Can Attach to Humans and May Cause Pain or Illness:

A spirit attachment is someone who has died but who has not passed to the other side and who has attached to a living human.

One of my clients came to me for help with anxiety but also shared that she suffered from severe migraines.

“When did your migraines start?” I asked while taking a thorough history.

“June 19, 1995”, she replied.

I have had other clients with similar stories, where they could tell me the exact date that the issue began.

“What was going on in your life up to six months prior to the first migraine?” I asked.

She responded that she and her husband had started renovating an old house. She was feeling helpless and overwhelmed as the renovation was most intensive than they expected.

“Can you tell me where you were on June 19, 1995?” I asked.

“Yes, we were taking a weeklong vacation touring Civil War sites. That day, the day the migraines started, we were in Colonial Williamsburg at a cemetery.”  I immediately knew that it was possibly that she had some sort of attachment.

This was my first clue that she possibly had an attachment. During the session we learned that she indeed had an attachment. It was a 17-year-old boy who was killed by a hatchet to the head during an early war. Dying a traumatic death his spirit remained earth-bound and attached to her as she walked through the cemetery. When our energies vibrate at lower levels than usual, often through negative thoughts or feelings; it is easier for energies that vibrate at that same signal to connect with us. In this case, she was feeling overwhelmed and helpless with the renovation project and the spirit felt the same as he died alone on the battlefield. Their vibrations matched and he took the opportunity to attach to her, so as not to feel alone.

I released this dis-embodied soul to God and immediately her headache disappeared. I followed up with her months later to learn that her migraines never returned.

Over the years I have had many tough cases which were all fairly easily resolved.

I wanted to know about how others deal with dark force energies. So I asked, Brenda Jenks, who has been offering Feng Shui consultations for homes and businesses, staging advice for homes for sale, removal of ghosts and negative energy from homes, land, businesses, historical sites, and cemeteries since 2004.

After a young man was killed by a tree falling on him, Brenda was called in to clear the property.  During her assessment, she counted over a thousand demons on the property.

“Two dogs that lived on the property were being tormented by demons. When I arrived they were twitching and whining and were horribly upset. As I started to work, each dog clung to my legs, one on each side. When I finished clearing the property and buildings, the dogs were peacefully asleep at my feet. The tree that remained asked to be taken down as it didn’t want to be used as murder weapon again.”

Cathy, one of my shaman students, had a small dog that was great during the day with her and her husband. However, in the middle of the night the dog would display aggressive behavior and lunged at her husband on several occasions. “It wasn’t the dog; it was something possessing the dog. It took a few tries to finally get the dog clear and now he’s fine.” Cathy stated.

7 Ways to Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones and Your Home from Dark Energies

  1. Ask for guidance and protection every morning upon rising and every evening just before sleeping. Ask your guardian angels and God to keep you, your loved ones, your animals, home and property, safe at all times.
  2. Regularly ask Archangel Michael to use the Golden Net (a tightly woven golden net) to clear all that does not serve your highest and greatest good. Imagine Archangel Michael bringing this golden net up from deep within the earth below your feet all the way through your body and then up into the Light of God. Envision and feel it taking all that does not serve you and transmuting it into white light.
  3. When you go to sleep at night ask Archangel Michael to place four large angels around each corner of your bed. Ask that they protect you while you sleep. You can do this for your pets, family and property as well.
  4. Daily, visualize golden white light of God/Creator/Source and the pink light of unconditional love filling your home, property, family and yourself.
  5. Visualize the Violet Flame of St. Germaine surrounding and infusing the person who seems to be “under the influence” of a dark energy. This will neutralize the energy without harming the person.
  6. Keep your vibrations uplifted by focusing on positive things. Fear lowers our vibration. So keep your vibration high and spirits uplifted by being grateful – writing gratitude lists, watching uplifting shows and movies, and laughing.
  7. Live in a state of wonder. Wondering what wonderful, serendipitous, super fantastic thing is going to happen for you today!

If you feel you or someone you love, your home or pets have an attachment, or dark energy issue, the best course of action is to employ the help of a professional who specializes in clearing dark energies.

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