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This week I realized that when I am truly in need, my “Team” as I call the Angels, Guardians, Guides, Spirit/God, step in and protect me.
It’s happened many times in my life – meaning, in life and death situations, I have been saved, protected, and divinely guided.
Yet, unlike the Shamans in Peru, my “Team” does not seem to show up in my everyday life.
This week I realized why.
A part of me was afraid to have them appear, or manifest either themselves or an item – such as a crystal, or book, or anything else for that matter in the physical. Truth be told, I was afraid to be startled.
With that awareness, I made a clear decision to allow them to show themselves, to manifest in the physical, at any time, not just when I was in dire need. 

I am ready!! 

Spirit has a great sense of humor and around 1:30 a.m. this morning I was awakened by this song which spontaneously started playing on my phone via Safari, not through YouTube. (I do not even have the YouTube app on my phone).
It was this song that I used when teaching Shamanic classes in years past. I sometimes played this song during fire ceremonies or at the beginning of the class. In the past few years, rather than using this song, I have sung the songs of my lineage.
So, it’s been years since this song was played on my phone – for any reason!

Apparently, God/Spirit wanted me (and you) to hear it. Rainbow Spirit II-Mother I Feel You Under My Feet
Victorea Luminary (Andrea E. Mincsak) is a survivor of both overt and covert narcissistic abuse. She has 25+ years’ experience in the healing arts - Angel Intuitive, Shaman of the Inca/Peruvian lineage, Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Medicine, and EFT/tapping. She uses her experience and training to assist women to develop or increase their self-love, transform the trauma of childhood and/or narcissistic abuse. You can work with Victorea to develop a foundation for positive relationships through self-honoring, healthy boundaries, and self-respect at Website: Facebook: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Tumblr:

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  • Today during a very trying time with my son I prayed to all of the Archangels I could remember from your daily prayer and especially Raphael to send his healing emerald light to my son. Within moments a vehicle, painted a shade of green I’ve never seen on a car passed my car and with the sun hitting it just right it glowed. My son and I both stared at the other vehicle in complete silence for quite a while. I don’t know, maybe 30 seconds. I felt it was a message that my son would receive the help I prayed for.

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