I Weep

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I wrote this piece in light of the attack on Nice, FR last night. I Weep I weep for the mother who learns that her only child has been killed by terrorist’s bullets. I watch as she clutches her belly, where her child grew years before. The gut retching pain so potent it knocks her […]

Energy Work Positively Impacts Lyme Disease

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Energy Work Positively Impacts Lyme Disease – #5 of my “Lyme Disease Bites  – A Personal Journey” Blog Series As the Lyme bacteria died and flooded my system I felt increasingly worse. As I mentioned in one of my earlier Lyme blog posts, Herxheimer Reaction (Lyme die-off) can be fatal. There were days when I […]

Lyme Disease Bites – Remission from Chronic Lyme!!!

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Tears flowed as I heard my Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) say, “You’re Chronic Lyme Disease is in remission.” That was just a few days ago. For eight months I followed his protocols taking the antibiotics and microbial homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins and mineral supplements he prescribed. I also did a lot for myself in […]

Lyme Herxheimer Reaction the Beacth from Hell

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During a Herxheimer Reaction symptoms are exacerbated and inflammation increases making the Lyme patient often feel much worse than before they began treatment. A bad Herx reaction is often much worse than the disease itself, and if not handled properly a Herxheimer Reaction can be fatal. When we last left off, I had not yet […]

Lyme Disease Bites – A Personal Journey #2

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                        Lyme wrecked havoc with my body and mind. My body was riddled with shooting pains and inflammation. I stopped exercising and walking the dog down my private country lane because I was afraid my knees would give out. I stopped practicing yoga because […]

Election Fraud: What’s Really Playing Out?

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  If you think Hillary Clinton is best for this country watch this. https://www.facebook.com/RTAmerica/videos/10153549004991366/ Do you think, these governments, heads of states, and corporations gave to the Clinton foundation to be nice? NO!! They gave because they want FAVORS…it’s the sellout of America as we know it. The Clintons are great friends with Trump. Did […]

Have You Ever Felt Rejected?

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The other day I was working with a client who told me this story: As a young girl her dreams were to become a movie star and write movies. Writing plays came easily and during family gatherings her family and friends acted out the plays she wrote. She enthusiastically expressed her authentic self by dressing […]

Death & Worry

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The Grim Reaper has been exceptionally busy and it’s only the 3rd week of January. To date the world has lost several amazing creatives including music industry icons David Bowie and Glenn Frey. Alan Rickman, one of the world’s great actors, and Celine Dion’s husband René Angélil to name a few. These notable deaths often […]