This is the 12/28/2021 Weekly Angel Message. The Angel’s message this week is so important that I wanted to share it with you here on my blog. To watch these Weekly Angel Messages you can join our FB Angel Messages with Victorea Luminary group here.

Happy New Year! May 2022 bring you an abundance of all good things. <3


Victorea Luminary (Andrea E. Mincsak) is a survivor of both overt and covert narcissistic abuse. She has 25+ years’ experience in the healing arts - Angel Intuitive, Shaman of the Inca/Peruvian lineage, Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Medicine, and EFT/tapping. She uses her experience and training to assist women to develop or increase their self-love, transform the trauma of childhood and/or narcissistic abuse. You can work with Victorea to develop a foundation for positive relationships through self-honoring, healthy boundaries, and self-respect at Website: Facebook: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Tumblr: