Love is the Only Antidote to Fear

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January 9, 2017 Dear Ones, There is so much fear flooding your planet now. Everywhere, even in the depths of the Amazon where tribal lands were recently desecrated by those seeking profit. Fear for the Earth, for clean water, for clean air, for health, not even healthcare, just health. There are so many people who […]


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I have been hearing from Lightworkers worldwide that they are experiencing challenging and often weird (even to them) things. I have been guided to record and share this with Lightworkers. We must protect and  ground ourselves daily. We must ask for protection from our guides, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and angels daily, sometimes often […]

Alone During the Holidays

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[After posting this on Facebook and getting some interesting responses to this post, I must preface it by saying to have gratitude no matter what is going on our lives is the point of this essay. It is not about being judgmental of the church or the congregation. It is not about soliciting sympathy from […]