Dear Creative, What If Challenges Help You Soar?

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Dear Creative, You do not yet know it, but the world is grateful for you! Your art is an expression of you, and through your creative endeavors you are sharing immeasurable gifts with the world. Perhaps, you dream of being a well-known highly acclaimed artist – maybe you want to be an accomplished writer, or […]

Ask Shaman Victorea Luminary

Ask Shaman Victorea Luminary – How to Manifest the Big Stuff!!

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**All NEW column “Ask Shaman Victorea”** Here is a question from one of my Facebook followers, Kenyatta C. Jones. “I saw your post on Google and thought that your affirmations were VERY insightful and inspirational.  Thank you! for them.  I was going to ask you a question about manifestation, and why I’m able to do […]

How Dis-Allowing Blocks Your Ability to Receive and How to Fix It

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What happens when you try to manifest something you desire? Law of Attraction tells us that any of us can manifest anything we want in a few easy steps. When we get an idea of wanting it here are the steps most of us have learned to take: • We ask for it – we […]

Becoming Friends with Your Fears

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Becoming Friends with Your Fears What I am going to say here might surprise you. Fear really is your friend. I know it doesn’t feel that way especially when you are stressed out with your hair on fire in a full blown anxiety attack, but it really is your friend. Think about it, it is […]

Re-Write your Destiny!

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Take an inventory of your life right now. Do you have what you really, really want? Are you happy with all the various areas of life – relationships, health, work, play, finances, and home? What you see right now in your life is the manifestation of your past, as well as your ongoing, thoughts and […]

Let’s Talk About Hatred – The TEAM

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“Let’s talk about hatred” is how the TEAM began their message this morning. “Not the hatred of others, but the hatred of yourself. Each of you has animosity toward yourself, which is reflected in your world in such ways as war, violence, anger coming toward you, and so forth. You can only experience what you […]

Your Positive Perspective Creates Your Experience

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Your experience is a direct result of your perspective. Your experience will be clouded depending on whether your view about an event is positive or negative. Yesterday here in Texas the weather was rainy and a cool 45 degrees. While I was walking out of a store a woman was walking in, she said “where […]

Affirmations that Work

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How do you talk to yourself, are you kind and supportive, or derogatory and degrading? What are you saying to others about your life, finances, relationships and health? What are you saying about others? We create our reality through our thoughts, our words and our actions. Powerful? You bet! For over twenty years I have […]

How I Healed Uterine Fibroids Naturally

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by Victorea Luminary, M.B.A. (f/k/a Andrea Mincsak) In the spring of 2000, I began experiencing extreme pain upon ovulation and during menstruation.  I always had discomfort during my cycle, but this was intense.  Each month the pain progressed, in September I began having to take time off work. In October I told my boyfriend that […]