What happens when you try to manifest something you desire?

Law of Attraction tells us that any of us can manifest anything we want in a few easy steps.
When we get an idea of wanting it here are the steps most of us have learned to take:

• We ask for it – we may write our desires down in our journal or just state them out loud. I like to write them out with a deadline for receiving what I’ve asked for.

“Dear God/Creator/Universe (we use whatever name we personally like) please bring “X” (the thing you desire) or better into my life by (insert date).”

The thing, “X” could be a nice new car, a mate, a lover, a job, a new employee, someone to fix something around your house, it doesn’t matter what it is the process is the same.

• We visualize having it.
• We feel what it would be like to have it.
• Then, we are patient and wait for the Universe to provide it. (Patience and waiting…that’s where I fail miserably)

But, what causes our desires to NOT manifest?

The “Gang of Manifesting Obstacles” – this gang is your subconscious beliefs, fears, doubt, concerns, and worries. Nothing will put the kibosh on co-creating like these nasty hoodlums. When they show up, they gain strength from one another and work together sabotaging any desires you may have. They pack up every last ounce of your knowing and trust, all of your hopes, dreams and desires, and blast them off in a rocket on a one-way trip to farthest reach of the cosmos.

For most of us, when we don’t get what we desire we console ourselves with comments like, “I guess it wasn’t meant to be”, “Maybe God is protecting me from something and that is why I didn’t get it” or “Maybe the timing just isn’t right”.


If you are aligned with your desires and keep the “Gang of Manifesting Obstacles” at bay what you desire is waiting for YOU!

If you do one more thing…ALLOW.

If you have done everything right and it still hasn’t shown up. Ask yourself these two important questions:

• “Why am I not allowing this to come into my life?” – What do you fear will happen if you get what you desire? Will getting what you desire make you feel somehow unsafe?

• “How am I not allowing this to come into my life?” – We prevent receiving through our fears, through being wishy-washy about our desires – we want it, buuuuuutttttt!! What if we got it, then what would we do? You know the drill.

When we are in the energy of disallowing, we may feel that we are not worthy to receive what we have asked for; we don’t believe we could get it; or as in the case of new mate/lover we may worry that they may not exist. Safety can be another reason why we would keep something away. If we are afraid of getting our heart-broken again, we would definitely keep the new lover/mate away so we wouldn’t get hurt. Ask yourself, “Am I afraid to get this because I am afraid I wouldn’t be safe having it?”

With that information what I recommend as an Emotional Freedom Technique teacher/practitioner, I tap on these issues.

Here is an easy to use script that you can use to tap out any disallowing you may have. Feel free to insert the actual thing you desire rather than using the general ‘it’ or ‘this thing’.
While tapping on the points, say the statements out loud:

(To tap use the fingers of one hand to tap on the points listed)











Karate Chop Point: “Even though I really want this (fill in the blank stating what you really want) there is a part of me that doesn’t believe I can have it and that part of me is not allowing me to have it, I love and accept all the parts of me.”

Karate Chop Point: “Even though I doubt this tapping is going to help, I love and accept all of me and all my doubts.”

Karate Chop Point: “Even though I thought I had done everything right to manifest what I desire, I now realize that for whatever reason there may be a part of me that is keeping it from me, I don’t know why that would be, but I am open to getting clear on that. I completely and totally love, accept and forgive all of me”

Eyebrow: “I am so sad that I haven’t received this yet.”

Side of the Eye: “I don’t know why it hasn’t shown up. It’s so frustrating, I’ve been waiting so darned long, I am tired of waiting!”

Under the Eye: ‘What if, I have been preventing this from coming into my life? What if there is a part of me that doesn’t want it, or is scared to have it?”

Under the Nose: “What if that part of that is terrified that I will get hurt or be unsafe if I get it?”

Chin: “I am open to receive this and I now choose to allow this to come to me.”

Collarbone: “No, I don’t! I am not open to receive this.”

Under the Arm: “Yes, I am”

Top of the Head: “No, I am NOT!”

Eyebrow: “Yes, I AM!”

Side of the Eye: “It is safe for me to receive this.”

Under the Eye: “No, it’s not.”

Under the Nose: “Yes, it is!”

Chin: “I am open to the possibility that I can receive this and be safe.”

Collarbone: “I choose to forgive all of me for not seeing that I was not allowing and I was keeping this away from me until now.”

Under the Arm: “It feels so good to know that all that worry, doubt, fear and concern is in my past.”

Top of the Head: “It feels so good to know that I can have what I desire and that it is safe for me to have it.”

This was just a sample, of course, you can continue tapping until you feel this is resolved. You can add more statements as they come into your consciousness.

You will know that you have cleared the disallowing when what you desire or better shows up in your life. Continue using a form of this tapping until you receive what you desire, or better.

Victorea Luminary (Andrea E. Mincsak) is a survivor of both overt and covert narcissistic abuse. She has 25+ years’ experience in the healing arts - Angel Intuitive, Shaman of the Inca/Peruvian lineage, Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Medicine, and EFT/tapping. She uses her experience and training to assist women to develop or increase their self-love, transform the trauma of childhood and/or narcissistic abuse. You can work with Victorea to develop a foundation for positive relationships through self-honoring, healthy boundaries, and self-respect at www.TakeBackYourPowerNow.com Website: www.VictoreaLuminary.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoreaLuminaryWriter/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shaman-Victorea-Luminary-142806805759771/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/VictoreLuminary Instagram: https://instagram.com/victorealuminary/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/victorealuminar/ Tumblr: https://luminary8.tumblr.com/

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  • Thank you Victorea for this inspirational article. I loved the EFT exercises and can’t wait to use them. Blessings

  • Terrific article. I’m a big fan of EFT and LOA. Thanks for explaining how to do both. This is great for anyone that wants to learn how to manifest and allow.

  • I love EFT and have used it for pain relief. I like how you combined the two practices of EFT & LOA. Thanks for the script…printing this & hanging it above my desk!

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