Clear Money Anxiety and Become a Money Magnet with Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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Money anxiety and worries over finances often cause great stress. Many of us living in the U.S. feel concerned about job security and how they will pay their bills or whether they will have enough money to retire. All of these concerns bring up a myriad of emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, and grief to name just […]

God Bless ALL Children of War

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God bless ALL the children of war around the world. This child is my child. This child represents all of us, regardless of race, religion or belief system. He is your child. He is everyone’s child. What these children living in war-torn countries have endured, have seen and experienced at this young age should NEVER […]

‘Should’ Is Messy and Draws Flies

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For years I have had repetitive ‘poop’ dreams. In these dreams somewhere there is poop, a large or small amount. It might be me using the bathroom or someone or something else has. Maybe the toilet is overflowing. Maybe there is poop I’ve stepped in or am trying to avoid stepping in. Poop might be […]

Energy Work Positively Impacts Lyme Disease

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Energy Work Positively Impacts Lyme Disease – #5 of my “Lyme Disease Bites  – A Personal Journey” Blog Series As the Lyme bacteria died and flooded my system I felt increasingly worse. As I mentioned in one of my earlier Lyme blog posts, Herxheimer Reaction (Lyme die-off) can be fatal. There were days when I […]

Lyme Disease Bites – Remission from Chronic Lyme!!!

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Tears flowed as I heard my Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) say, “You’re Chronic Lyme Disease is in remission.” That was just a few days ago. For eight months I followed his protocols taking the antibiotics and microbial homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins and mineral supplements he prescribed. I also did a lot for myself in […]

Lyme Herxheimer Reaction the Beacth from Hell

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During a Herxheimer Reaction symptoms are exacerbated and inflammation increases making the Lyme patient often feel much worse than before they began treatment. A bad Herx reaction is often much worse than the disease itself, and if not handled properly a Herxheimer Reaction can be fatal. When we last left off, I had not yet […]

Lyme Disease Bites – A Personal Journey #2

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                        Lyme wrecked havoc with my body and mind. My body was riddled with shooting pains and inflammation. I stopped exercising and walking the dog down my private country lane because I was afraid my knees would give out. I stopped practicing yoga because […]

“Lyme Disease Bites – A Personal Journey” Part 1

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Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Lyme disease would knock me to my knees. I am seasoned healer and I have already healed several serious illnesses including a breast lump and uterine fibroids. So, when I was diagnosed with Lyme in October, 2015 I passed it off thinking, “No big deal, it is […]

Election Fraud: What’s Really Playing Out?

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  If you think Hillary Clinton is best for this country watch this. Do you think, these governments, heads of states, and corporations gave to the Clinton foundation to be nice? NO!! They gave because they want FAVORS…it’s the sellout of America as we know it. The Clintons are great friends with Trump. Did […]